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A a pizza out that for all purposes looks like a desktop application but it's super small super fast and so i think that will who does modernize dot net scott before you go on before you go on i want to ask you something about PWA's is there anything do you have to do anything in in order to make a blazer client side blazer appa PWA or does it automatically right all that manifest goo for you it doesn't right all the manifest today day in the nextwave you'll see us make these things first class the reason we don't write the manifesto honestly is the acquainted laser sir is in preview and we plan to the hopefully get that into some kind of rpm states around bills next year so outfielder bilby may of two thousand twenty so you can you can use it today it works it works great today a lot of people using it you know in probably in production right now but we will actually solidify and i'll clarify will get more today when you run a blazer out on client side we are doing it's like what we actually do is we actually run a dot net interpreter on the weather suicide meaning that we're interpreting some of the coach i don't hold performance at what will happen as we go from dot com to build next year is we will actually you some tech called ahead of time compile where what we will actually do we will when you build the app we will generate the wasim code as part of the bill stout which then means when the code runs on the client it would run at full performance because essentially conservative and so that that's that's one of the reasons we're not calling today's we've got that tech near and that that you're gonna and get a almost made it performance i hope in the browser you know with that tack and that tackle come in in in in may of next year as part of bills and the PWA will be part of that as well and likely they'll be one more flavor this as well which which is you know we were talking about electron outs earlier in the nha conversation and we're going to give you the ability to take a blazer out and run that inside of an electron show wow yeah that's cool jeff fritz right at your c. sharp code and run it in in the blazer host jeff fritz was that the other day as well i think that's when richard's mind exploded yeah what has been runs on lenox mac and windows you wrote a once is web tax so it doesn't look as native is native apples but forms but it will be a cross platform you i dot net app that pretty much runs anywhere and we've we've we built a couple of prototypes of this over the last year or so and it does perform better than some of the electron apps us in in many cases because you know we can be pre compiled and we can be we're we don't put as many files on discs but we we we took as your storage explorer and coordinated partially he's one of these things a while ago and it was much faster than the the no geospace for you know the PWA story for me is really compelling and just you know because i don't want anybody to get discouraged because scott said they don't have the you know the all the making it easy for you but PWA's really easy already it's just not that difficult to do it's a manifest file to configure file and you just put some things in there and you can send your customers to your website and they go on a phone and then they do you want to install this on your phone yes and that's an app that easy even even windows desktop support installed him that same way there's also yeah so we're gonna give you that that's what that's all about this tech is now it's like hey want to build an app that runs on desktop hunt you what about about the client side blazer footprint size of the bin size is our hope is to be in the forty five megs for the for the wasim based based financing the cashable so you sort of pay the penalty once and then the app itself doesn't need the doesn't require downloading every time yes and in fact that's part of the PDA w. mechanism is you give it a man of trust man has tells it what ash and so you get the cash you pay that price one time and you're you're good to go i'll say the to complete my earlier thought so i think as as as donna developer we're gonna put you in a pretty good place if you want to build a a desktop app windows you win and WPF if you wanna take that same app and run it on android or IOS or various other flavors we've got the zantac that if you want to build an amazing modern looking web app knew that blazer on if you want to build a PWA w. a. he'll do that with laser you know in a in kind of a preview states at at right now and hopefully RTM damn states at build next may if you wanna wrap that same blazer out and electron and running on windows mac and links we're gonna enable you to do do that and the final one which is another demo that we showed at the dot com is you know we dot net now runs on time different platforms and so it enables a bunch of iot scenario so the final demo we did was we took the same weather al and we add richard lander show it on an LED light board we could actually use the iot version of the app running on like a raspberry pi sending the data this this LED app using a a a library and it was the weather was rolling boss a LED light board to just a different output mechanism otherwise the codes the same and so that's it's calling the same service doing all the same tech and so you know it really is getting to a dot net anywhere kind of scenario i would say you could make blazer serve side blazer app a PWA w if you wanted to is there any advantage to doing one of the other client side or server side PWA the the long-term yeah i was going to say the longterm advantage would be the the PBA client side like give you better perf and kind of sandbox as well so but you can do all these layers phrasing all the choice yeah i mean the service i blazer isn't going to be any less performance than NBC web API app right it's not gonna call altered the right sounds great man did we miss anything the only thing we missed and we also also did show the the final piece of this we showed some of the model builder tech which is some of the tech we have in emel dot net's we're trying to find ways to make you you know a machine learning more accessible more developers and so we showed some sentiment analysis where we actually looked at data with model builder modern builders a tool that you pointed data on it'll choose the algorithm for you right hold for you as well all the to success the data in what we showed the first preview of model builder may of this year at bills on and the bodybuilder we have now so just produces much much better code and it's workflows a lot so that was the main stuff that we hit we hit c. sharp aids the micro services using worker cheer for the rich RPC contract-based API's windfarms WPF zimmerman for mobile blazer for everything machine learning and not that was kind of the dot net or three ways you no i guess we should do more shows are on m. l. dot net just because it's one of those things where we're i think we're all dealing with sort of a eye fatigue people talk about it all the time time but getting a real practical areas but this is where machine learning just becomes a part of your regular app i think still is hard to grasp yeah i the the challenge machine learning is explaining to a customer when when i see a customer and sit with them and go you know you have to train any machine learning stuff today and most customers have our most developers have data they don't even think they have bills two years ago or year are your so ago was we showed what we call the bus fire and that was a lot we built it would actually take an issue and make sure it was in the right place jason get upset as this an aspirin issue or is it a networking issue or is it a just here and you don't think about it until you look at you go on really are developers are moving these these issues the right places for about three or four years now so we actually have tons of data and so we built a model based on all the issues that we had moved over the last twenty fourteen to twenty eighteenth of four years with the data the reality is a lot of lot of developers i have data but have not thought about s- or yeah our company's been training data for a long time all yeah we need to make it easier to get to we have a.

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