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This is a podcast where I tell stories from Thalji and folklore some are incredibly popular stories you'd think you know, but what surprising origins others stories that might be new to you. But are definitely worth. Listen, Jay stories, another one that exists outside of our three in continuity. If this is your first time here in Arthur legend on the show, the King Arthur stories take place, roughly in the six hundred eighty in Great Britain, Arthur was braised in secret with his adopted brother Kay, Arthur pulled the sword from the stone a whole bunch of other stuff happened it eventually he ruled over a semi peaceful. Great Britain K became his right hand, man. And we met, sir. Dwayne his current NBK going, of course is his nephew by way of his half sister Magas. And at the star today story Cain going are looking forward to hunting trip with king. Arthur that is until we invite some friends. So fun lewke boys night hunting trip going said as he looked on the crowd gathered outside Cardiff and Wales. You didn't think he met five hundred armed and mounted knights right into the forest number. So great that the deer population of Great Britain might never recover. Yeah. Try planning it Circe marked before taking a long long drink from his wine skin. Anyway, there's the horn. Let's do this everyone who was anyone galloped off at the sound of the horn five hundred horses and probably twice as many Squires and servants green and k decided to stick together and neither them objected when Bishop Baldwin wrote up and asked if he could ride with them to K was worn out from a van planning and go Wayne well going didn't really need the glory of the hunt. He was widely known as the best night in the world. Despite some French upstart named LANCELOT nipping at his heels five hundred people galloping into the forest would scare every deer on the island. He would just try to. Enjoy the ride in the country with Arthur's, brother. Yeah. You know, what Senator show means Circe ask Wayne as the sun began to sink lower in the sky comes from a French word that means doesn't sleep in the dirt. We're going to keep writing until we find a castle. I thought it meant that. You're my uncle king Arthur's right hand man, going said without looking at the night. Keisha Dema wrinkle look that it was because you're Arthur's right hand, man, Kei scoffed. That's you. That's you sound. It was rhetorical statement. Go Wayne of wish chimed in from behind them. If they were looking for some place for the night. There was always Carl's place. It was the castle of Carlisle going looked at K did he know of any night or no woman by the name of. What was it, sir Karl? Nope. Nope. The Bishop quickly corrected not, sir. Karl just Carl. He's not a nobleman or a night. It's just Carl k was confused. So he was just some guy. How did that work Bishop Baldwin shrugged? Well in that world is seem to be a line between the known and the unknown civilization in the wilderness. There was a weird otherworldly Britain. Like, you know, once you cross the line there. Giants green nights that can survive beheading lying best friends, and apparently the ability for just some guy named Karl have his own castle. Mo- gentlemen, welcome to the twilight zone, and that's actually doubly true because it's twilight and we'd. Really need to find a place to sleep going held up a hand. He'd had some experiences in the weirder. Parts of this island already tonight. He just wanted to sleep around a campfire in the forest and had back tomorrow. But as the thunder Wikus through the sky and sheet of rain pummeled down on them. Just as soon as go Wayne finished his sentence going found that he was outnumbered two to one Carl's place. It was with more light in cracks leading up the pouring rain. The trio looked at the castle glowing in the darkness ahead..

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