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Afford to write greyhounds. Jokes aside, the experience upset the comedian. He sued the U. S government, saying in a statement. He'll never forget the quote, harassment and humiliation he suffered now, the spokesman review reports. The government is paying L Shiki a $35,000 settlement. Another litigant who was subjected to a similar stop will receive the same amount. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news someone whose time 1 10 time for an update on sports from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Here's Eric Heights. You say Kikuchi took a no hit bid into the seventh inning tailored for Mel homered as the Mariners beat the Astros won nothing to avoid a four game series sweep. Coach. He did not allow a hit until there was one out in the seventh inning. The M's are home tonight for three games serious hosting the Ella Angels. Then they play the Baltimore Orioles A T Mobile park during the first half of next week. Window Markup Crew Regatta returns to Seattle's Motley cut this weekend this year, the Huskies will face the University of California and dual races instead of a larger field made up of teams from the East Coast and across the Atlantic Ocean. No large group of fans will be allowed to gather. But women's head coach Yaz, Farouq says the lack of Spectators want affect their effort during the race. We know that the action on the water is going to be as great as ever, and so from the athlete, the student athlete perspective, all of them are really focused on what it is going to take to put their best. Race forward. Races began at 8 30 Saturday morning and Hideki Matsui Yam I received the prime minister's award in Tokyo for winning the Masters Golf tournament. He's the first Japanese winner at Augusta National. Sports A 10 and 40. Minutes past the hour. I'm Eric Heights Coma News earlier this month man in California died after police pinned him to the ground. And this week body camera footage from the incident was made public A B C's Matt Gutman explains what happened. The lawyer for the family of Mario Gonzales, California man who died after officers restrain him by putting their knees on his back, telling ABC News the family intends to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Alameda Police Department. He was harmless. He hadn't threatened anybody and you know, he just wasn't a danger. They had not even trying to even try to be handcuffing him anyways. The incident began with 2911 calls on April 19th when a seemingly disturbed man, there's a man My front yard, talking to himself with officers and counter Gonzalez, their body cameras rolling. He appears to be incoherent, but not aggressive. The officer's point out the alcohol in those baskets. I'm concerned about this open container and trying to lead him away from over here. We don't want you to fall down, okay when they twist his arms behind his back Gonzalez resists as they struggle. It's okay. Maria. Oh, my God. We're gonna take care of you. Okay? Least one officer abused his knee on Gonzales is back. It stays there for over two minutes and 30 seconds. We could roll them on the side. I don't want to lose that I got 15. Seconds later, they realized Gonzales is no longer moving. We have no weight on his chest. They attempted CPR for the next five minutes, but he later died at the hospital. Leaving behind a four year old son. Police department is to explain why a perfectly healthy man who was never charged with a crime. Was killed in their custody. Lawyer for the officers involved says they're all heartbroken that Gonzales died but says that he was very intoxicated at the time Now the Alameda City Council calling for a special session to revise its police departments, use of force policies and its response to mental health calls A B C's Matt Gutman Another state considers legalizing marijuana. ABC is Jim Ryan says that Louisiana would be the first Southern state to allow recreational pot use medical marijuana is already legal in Louisiana, but Republican State representative Richard Nelson wants to expand the law in order to take all the money from the drug dealers in the cartels and taxes to put it's a legitimate businesses in the past, Governor John Bel Edwards has refused to even consider the possibility. But he now says, I'm not gonna speculate. On that, But I do have great interest in that built. The Louisiana House will debate the proposal next week. Generally in ABC News come on news time. 1 14 traffic.

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