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Hollywood. Three sixty radio dot com. Check it out. All right. It's time for I was a communist for the FBI. This was a spy series that star Dana Andrews as Mansa Vetik. Now, savannah infiltrated the communist party in the United States and reported back. Every move to the FBI for nine years has really happened. As a real guy aired on radio from nineteen fifty two to nineteen fifty four during the height of the anti-communist frenzy sweeping the USA. This was a tension filled series with synthetic constantly and risk of his life. If the commies learn his true motives Frank Lovejoy starred in a nineteen fifty one film, which spawned the radio series, starring Andrews. That's we have for you right now broadcast from April twentieth. Nineteen fifty two it's called the red red herring stars Dana Andrews part. One of I was a communist for the FBI. I was a communist by the FBI. Starring Dana Andrews and an exciting tale of danger, espionage. I was a communist or the FBI from the actual records and authentic experiences of Metsu baddeck. How many of the incidents not unusual story? Here is our star Dana Andrews as. Barna and Ben plastic years. Communist or the.

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