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It is indeed a pleasure to have this privilege to play here for you we we intend to give you bond program so settle back relax and enjoy the moment moment we go welcome harley radio i'm todd mccullough 's i'm excited i'm under the filling under the to radio today and i would coffin sneeze lower everything lad pat recognized it too because i was thinking the whole time i was sent here is like one of its okay this ask about this thing is don't get me sick yeah fucking evan fox three days with the fucking called now i have it in evansville fence i've been coming here for three months seems like longer than that just contaminating this entire office could also be me yeah so i'm not getting blamed for the next person really know until i got in here it hit me like a wall ten minutes before the show started i was like oh no this isn't good you sound sexy yeah i like i like my voice on i'm sick i think i should just stay sick all the time and just voice of about yeah yeah digs ear what's up with you buddy not much spend doing law hanging out going back to pittsburgh this weekend like we said some super fucking cited people can find you right on the side how you say in the southside doesn't i don't think there's any way south downside dow down south down south so nice also i wanted to this show comes out wednesday wanted to do our friend conor daly a favor he is second right now in indy cars favorite driver if you go to his twitter page i believe the links there to vote for him.

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