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The flash, while universal will debut its trailer for fast X, also known as Fast & Furious ten. A pregame 15 second spot for cocaine bear will air before kick-off. Northwest news time, 6 26. I'm Marina rockinger and here's what's going on sponsored by Michael Chu casino. Take the kids to northwest trek tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday for free. It's kids and critters weekends through the month of February, two kids, 12 or under are free with each paid adult general admission. The stylistics start their stand at jazz alley tonight, the Philly favorites bring their sweet soul sounds to Seattle through Sunday. You might know less claypool from primus, well, he is a project called Les claypool's fearless flying frog brigade, and he is bringing it to Mary Moore park in July, but tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m.. The big Seattle boat show opens tomorrow. This is both an indoors and outdoors event with boats on display inside lumen field event center, and a float at bell harbor Marina at the port of Seattle, the boat show runs through February 11th, and the city of Redmond is looking for people interested in being seated on the arts and culture commission. There are two seats available, it's a volunteer position in the term is for three years. It's open to people who live within Redmond city limits in the 9 8 zero 5 two zip code, there's also a youth advocate position open to 14 to 19 year olds who live work or study in Redmond, go to Redmond, dot gov to apply. And that's what's going on. Marina rockinger, northwest, news radio. If you're looking to move out of your parents place, you could really cut expenses by bundling your current renters insurance with progressive, which is good because your little brother has gotten really territorial. Your blood related, you'd think it would be fine to share food in the fridge. I mean, who writes their name on every individually perhaps slice of cheese, Tyler. Still, you've

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