Jack Lanza, Rousseau, Producer discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 51: Vince Russo in the WWE


So is you mention jassem the smoking guns and xbox in um the i like south sincere people like that just had him work with in a jack lanza produce tapes and produce the event center bits with the guys were labor promoting the towns locally in had rousseau right some things form if they could come up with themselves charm right something creative form round their character so rousseau obviously rights very glowingly here about black jack and how fond he was of working when lanza in a how much he learned and all that does mcmahon pair them together to sort of have an alltimer coach up a young rousseau as far as the ends of outs of working with the boys it because it feels like rousseau what have may be a lot of um i don't know upside in writing but maybe he didn't understand the weird dynamic of away you have to kind of handle the boys sometimes and you feel like you need an alltimer takaona hold your hand that processes effort say we'll jack was the producer of of those interviews so jack was the guy and it was just simply jack was at person in that position at that time so he was more or less the bumper when the guy said with els this for jack to say do it that's what i mean i feel i have it for free so just came in and said okay bre here's what i want you to do and there's not somebody that they have a lot of experience with an respect for and know that they can't trotta blow up on then that may have been a situation where nobody has given rousseau the time of day you need count of lands at a linda's credibility in this situation amongst the boys exactly to their arm ns not that's not a knock on rousseau it's just enough i was back states in wdob tomorrow hand in people notes on what to do in their promo people are gonna race eyebrow i mean i'm i'm not in the business with the held on any newcomer any yeah exactly um.

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