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Number six perhaps you would prefer the grander version five four three three Anthony jeep Cherokee nice nice so my wife drives very right you ready while doing over there terrible he's actually keeping score alright here we go clue number one again the initials are J. C. J. C. by the way this is the kind of question that he jumps all over just a lot number one born February twenty sixth nineteen thirty two in Kingsland Arkansas Johnny Cash got that right on there yes and he's our current man in black okay our current man in black all right next question clue number one made by eighteenth century our favorite I swear if you say Jesus Christ offered it made by thirty two three two one from a two by eighteenth century monks in northern California clue number two American a white semi hard number three a California businessman sold and helped give its common name number four commonly used in California style or Mexican style Burr Rideau's and helping a chili's ouch that's B. A. R. I'll be no chips I'm at the numbers five sometimes marbled with Colby Ryan Ryan Jack cheese wait I do it for all right we we get to our next question next it's the initial game with big gala judge on KOAA news radio John Morrissey with a check your Friday Dr it was pretty.

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