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Republicans on the state legislature so they plan to ask the us supreme court to put a hold on a new congressional map drawn will the pennsylvania supreme court philadelphia suburban bureau chief jim melwert joining us with the latest on this would give you been taking a look at what attorneys for republicans will likely argued guest give lawrence tablist an attorney representing several republican candidates and volunteers on why he believes the us supreme court should put a hold on the implementation of the new congressional maps in pennsylvania supreme court did not give appropriate time could the legislature to cook fill it you a constitutional duty data says the state legislature was not given enough time to draw and pass that new map under the timeframe laid out by the state supreme court he says the implementation of the new map was such a tight timelines is also due process and equal protection issue that's not fair to any voter in pennsylvania democrat republican independent all voters have been put into this situation of chaos and confusion earlier this month the us supreme court denied a request for a stay after the pennsylvania after the pennsylvania supreme court ordered the new map be draw batistuta says the difference now is the court has instituted that mappi compares the time lender referees in the super bowl changing the rules of the game in the fourth quarter leaving coaches and players scrambling to try to determine how to play the game a series of legal challenges steve us supreme court also action in in federal court in the middle district of pennsylvania but not much time for appeals as the 27th tuesday is the first day to circulate and file nominating petitions under a revised calendar for congressional races be pressure is on thank you gendler suburban bureau chief care what of jim melwert op reporters round come with the show both there's been some time since the show boat hotelcasino with a gambling and entertainment attraction in atlantic city but a change is in the words but adelphia developer bart black stain has a tentative plan to reopen a casino inside that property but we'll it fly covering this joining us in the studio kyw smart abrams marqui las vegas based casino analyst list you report offering his thoughts on this that's right steve and he doesn't think platt's teens plan is a.

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