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The rare. Happy ending of elfriede were here. He had a big smile on his face. See that's what made me think they're mentioning over. We're all in. Yeah he the best. Yep take the negatives that life throws at you find what good persevere hooping over together in the end that's what matters most happy holidays so yep Nice little holiday issue then again. Yeah next two months they are gonna be come alive with fever after features. I think they're gonna bring him back eventually. Not denain comics in two supposedly. They killed them off because future state was supposed to be more permanent. Was you know they were going to lake age up you know bam. They're going to be like different batman and superman but now that it's only going to last two months. Yeah say you know eventually offer. It's come about old boys and the for killing him off is happening now. So oh well. I mean i. It was part of the joker. War van right so i mean ahead. No no no no he. Before joker oh predict still city of bain runs together because dick was still didn't have as member. So yes so that was issue seventy seven. Some of the it'll be march because yeah we'll we'll cover them here but january and february we're going to get the the night wing future state so well and it'll be interesting to see what they do because i think robin eternal in the z is an interesting to see what they do about robin. Yeah because like how long damian's not gonna be robin if they're going to have to robin while it looks like there's a night looks like there's a night wing in the titans won but he's wearing a different suit. So maybe that's damian or something. Oh he's worried. I mean the night wing book and then the night wing and the titans look like they're two different suits. I dunno. yeah but it looked like it was the old sued that night we had is second suit so i just assumed it was also did. I don't know. I guess we'll find out are to try to predict the kids. Use exact long as we with dick grayson aright. So let's get your pick Gene titans gophers teen titans. Ooh like you said it's like you said it's kind of like a holiday. Ask story because santa. I know i as i said. I've forgotten But yes santa's accepted. Santa is not all jolly the dayton. Sometimes they bought him a forty four. Bud i watched with my friend and she was pretty so that mrs claus aka was actually drew bettas. Yeah like i don't know why like i'd watch teen. Titans go to the movies. When i came out like we took lucrative mood for it but i hadn't watched teen titans teen titans go until today. It's pretty funny right. Yeah yeah it's it's so it's so fun. Usa kind of like you know their version of vendors and game opening bortles at the stuff. Yeah yeah well. I mean what's so great about. It is how they do the wall tiber stuff in how at the spoilers listeners of you haven't seen it but ravens demon Go raymond demon is coming out Generally goes corrected And so try gone then is trying to book the titans anti nines go drag on trying to team together to take over the world by using ravens escaping from her jam demon And then that involves this gooby..

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