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Sources tell the AP Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the U. S Mexico border Friday as part of the administration's effort to contain migration. The coronavirus fight is progressing in states like Andrew Cuomo's New York emergency. Is over. But in Missouri, there is an alarming rise in cases. The numbers increased in three weeks. When it took six weeks last year. During our search, though, it's it was. It's pretty, uh, It's a little scary how quickly the numbers came up. Eric Frederick is chief administrative officer at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. The reasons for the increase the delta variant and the number of people who are still not vaccinated. People see this little criticized and If it's if it's that side that's pushing vaccines that I'm just not going to get a vaccine just because I disagree with me. I keep telling people while we're busy fight with each other. This thing is picking us off one by one. It doesn't take side. The mutant version now accounts for more than 20% of new infections in the U. S. I'm Ed Donahue. President Biden will announce next efforts to stem a rise in violent crime as this administration braces for a potentially turbulent summer. Violent crime overall is lower than five years ago. But after plunging early in the pandemic, crime rates are rising. The White House says the president will lay out a plan to fight back, including more money for cities that need more police and a crackdown on gun dealers who break federal laws. He's already announced several executive actions on gun control, but legislative remedies are tougher. And the politics are tricky as the president tries to fight crime while also boosting progressive efforts to reform policing. There are two efforts that don't have to be at odds with each other but are increasingly build that way. Saga or Megane at the White House. 80.

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