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Reporting from Beirut the state BBC world service we can take you to Australia now I'm from one extreme weather events to another off to the bush finest torrential rain the schools must flooding in New South Wales with evacuations and damage to properties all those seventeen fires are still burning all of the mega blazes on now it's a short time ago I caught up with reporter Chris Mitchell who we've been regularly checking in with him on Newsday throughout the bush far crisis he's currently in Sydney double missing so much rain to say the trees class the most rain Sydney sat in cities I mean Sydney had depends where you are of course but had four hundred males all there abouts that's a third of the annual total speaking just three days it was the tree coming down in in buckets I'm not as cause problems of course for many people flooding and lack of power but the good news he's far is a route incredibly these four walls of rain of program out over thirty fine is since last Friday now some of these stories with huge colossal five hundred thousand acres hectares rather even worse you know the burning for weeks and months it destroyed many homes and whose lives and it was a very serious situation the other amazing story he is about war so she's resources Sydney often lacks but in the space of the last couple of days we've had years worth of rain for most of the damage now seventy percent full what does it do to sort of find the get over the other side of the hill is as it seems we have done that out with these huge flies in Australia how does how does that feel it's an immense relief to step out into the rain and it's different if you live in a metropolitan area like Sydney then you're going to be perhaps thinking about things I great I couldn't walk to my lord the flip side for this the serious side of this is that the fires of going out and I don't think you couldn't really express how much relief they raised about that exactly because on the on the on the one side women talking about the bush flies and global warming and the messages that these you know very clear and loud messages that those files were sending out other not reading anything else then into this extreme rainfall unprecedented but could we see more office well yeah this is all being played out on the backdrop is a Australian government arguing about climate change and the current government Scott Morrison's government trying to convince parliament that they need to open more coal powered shall stations and you have signed to saying that this rain forty some president said the fire season we had is like nothing else and that it will become more common I'm more frequent that's it is Chris Mitchell reports that we've been talking to quite a lot during the current crisis the bush file ongoing crisis in Australia and now that potable Strela we have a close reach for those bush fires now under no flood water in parts of New South Wales lots of homes evacuated damage to property and you can go online and see quite extraordinary footage now all of Calgary's for example hoping through flooded streets looking for higher ground so from one extreme to another but as Chris said questions being asked about how Australia goes forwards to cope now with the extreme weather conditions that seem to be coming up more frequently it's way stay with us the BBC world service it's new sailors pilots and Clement total we.

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