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No question about it. It wouldn't have happened without him So in two thousand four. Florida declares rosewood historical landmark. They erect a marker along state road twenty four listing the names of the known victims and briefly describing the events that took place in january of nineteen twenty three and march of two thousand fifteen seventy two year old arnett net. Doctor passes away in spring hill. Florida just a few hours south of rosewood today both the rosewood heritage foundation and the real rosewood foundation both run by descendants of the survivors. Who have now all passed away They continue to work towards educating the public about rosewood and about racial injustice. One descendant named lizzie jenkins who works with the real rosewood. Foundation emphasizes the importance of telling painful and disturbing stories like the rosewood massacre. She says quote it has been a struggle telling this story over the years because of lot of people. Don't wanna hear about this kind of history. People don't relate to it or just don't wanna hear about it but mama told me to keep it alive so i keep telling it. It's a sad story but it's one i think everyone needs to hear and that's the story of the rosewood massacre. Wow i'm embarrassed that i had never heard of that well but i think this is exactly the kind of stuff that does not get talked about and it certainly doesn't get taught in most classrooms now at all absolutely not you know what's incredible a great job. Thank you for telling that thank you go..

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