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I just <hes> Texas. There's always dream school and then <hes> throughout my senior year was in contact with the coaches and then the summer after my senior year of high school so going into my freshman year that's when that's when the challenge is really started on and off the court <hes> when you get introduced to a kid named Jack Settlement on of course <hes> and you find out that he's going to be one of your best friends for the next four years but you also find out that you have a six and work out the next morning. It's Kinda tough to to balance those and so that summer was really challenging meeting a bunch of New People from out of state and like I said coming from a small private school had never been around that many people <hes> <hes> Waco's a really small city and I had my select group of friends and you're going into an ocean as a small fish at the University of Texas in meeting kids from out of state <hes> and basketball wise the competition Asian was better than anything I'd ever played against and so it's tough trying to to find that balance but I'd honestly say being able to be friends with guys who were not involved in athletics Texas his end having friends that were involved in athletics especially guys on the basketball team that summer that kind of helped me stay sane it. It didn't make me poor all my eggs in one basket whereas all basketball Canada social life but it was also like I can't have a crazy busy social life and still play basketball so the thing that was also challenging was for me. I had nothing guaranteed going into it. They told me that there may not be a spot available on the team immediately in by my sophomore year <hes> that may be the first time that I really put a Jersey on and <hes> so I I stayed patient and persistent in I kept showing up to work outs. I just kept putting the work in head down and luckily a few things went my way. <hes> we had a couple of players. Leave the team shoutout demarcus croker. I'm all right. Oh my gosh and I actually I was. I was at dinner tonight with with Connor Lambert <hes> nets and connors one of my good friends and we you're talking and I said I said I will always have a special place in my heart for Demarcus croker because had he had he not made the decision to go move back closer to home to Murray State <hes> I would not have had the opportunity to probably be on the team and <hes> the one thing that I love about demarcus is that night the first night that he told coach that he was transferring. We had a game and that was the first game that I played in against Lipscomb and Demarcus at texted me after shootaround 'cause he didn't come to shoot around obviously as Lisa I'm going to be at the game and so sitting front row with some of the people on our basketball stout the office staff I check into the game I hit my three camera pans to the bench miles and Isaiah to my best friends a jump up and then they they pan the camera right to demarcus and he's just hooting and hollering jumping up and down and from teammate perspective from a friend perspective. He's he's a special guy and <hes> like I said someone that's always going to have a special place in my my heart and he really opened the door for a lot of opportunities at Texas. Yeah I remember like you didn't even have Union Giger number your official Jersey until was it later in the season or Zoff or a year later in the season. You probably were a little confused because the shooting top didn't come off after that that three pointer one in so no one really got to see the Jersey which Schwartz on the back but it's funny because the announcers that game they they said and I think I'm quoting it the right way. They said that he had the Blood Jersey on so in case someone gets hurt New Jersey and they can't get it off..

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