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Reformation 500 celebration day a concordia university chicago it will also be 16th century characters puppet shows even 500yearold documents on display on monday concordia passer jeffrey lining or says they'll host a form to break all christian faiths together even cardinal blaze soup which will take power but forum which i've summarised as it's been five hundred years let's talk so we have the roman catholic and that even jellicoe and reformed representative lewis and representative to to talk about what what divides us but what brings us together after five hundred years while across the pond at the famous church were luther made his standard wittenberg germany valparaiso universities corral will be performing on reformation day or the only international choir that is appearing inventing berg on the day the 510 anniversary professor christopher 'em cock is the conductor of the valparaiso university carell her tour martin luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the church and we will sing a him festival the senior senior jeffrey lang a venue described the shock a few years ago when the choir found out they were invited to perform as one of those reactions of really like really really you're not you're not playing my leg on his this event for us i think really is more an invitation to think about the reformation to think about some of these things that have so shaped our culture to the to the point that they are ingrained in our culture where we don't even recognize some of the ramifications of what happens some five hundred years old background music throughout the series has been from the valparaiso university corral of course other.

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