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Ed Benkin has more giving talented players will be important throughout the next few days in the draft eagles, Jim how he Roseman says players also have to fit the system that the eagles have in place. It's important. That's why we spent so much time with these guys. That's why we bring them in the building. And that's how we spent so much time talking to our coaches about what they're looking for how they've you player. In addition to tonight's first-round pick the eagles have two second round picks on the docket for tomorrow. With the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin KYW NewsRadio LA's open a four game series. With the Miami Marlins tonight at citizens Bank, park bills, just completed a two and five road trip. But they did wrap things up on an up note picking up a six nothing win last night in New York against the Mets. Vince Velazquez five shutout innings to pick up his first win of the season the night. The is give the bottom right hander Aaron Nola two and six point eight four Yara Marlins counter with a lengthy named Caleb Smith. It was also two zero his two point three five seven oh five first pitch in south Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers will practice today getting ready for their Eastern Conference semi-final series with the raptors game one Saturday night in Toronto. Whatever John Johnson. We'll be at practice today over in Camden, bring coverage throughout the day and local college baseball the rowing university props down in Glasgow New Jersey one of the top teams in the country and division three Ross twenty six and seven on the season. It has been a great campaign to this point. But head coach Mike fixing says, there's still work to do or older still fun of we're still, but top of the conference that we're still have a conference tournament in front of us, and you know, hopefully range all regional World Series are all still right in front of us. So if we could play well and we play well at the right time limit for the team. Rohan looking to make it to the division three NCAA tournament for a third straight season Suzanne. All right, Matt, thank you. It's sending nine Ray. Didn't juror is an icon in Philadelphia sports media. He's covered the eagles. I in print and now on radio and TV for decades.

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