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I think of do i i don't i just i just feel a little gunshy after the season teary and just hat yeah this could be one of these acrylic joe dumars goes from putting together a championship team to what did pistons eventually became his walk yeah we sides village away the bed gordon for sixty million yes i mean you can make bad citing you can learn from it i think historically terry abilities do it at the main issue is i'm not entirely sure that either of the knows anything about basketball especially since i don't think basketball exists in game of thrones this is a very reasonable point of the dark horse i would want to mention by the way jimmy james from news radio i don't owe that it would be competent administration even if you put dave nelson at charges a gm but it would be fun yeah yet as as i can tell you as a sixers fan for the past five or so years you can have a terrible basketball team and still have a blast as long as the pieces come together the right way so marquel his changing his jump shot from scratch and set up about it okay is the is not good i with the most exciting thing for me to happened six has had a scrimmage yesterday to pull astra but get into squad scrimmage where they cut a played against each other points dry spread so much tyler in college i love that place and apparently was hop at like more so than most regular season games last year which i love dearly six fans are seen people but the biggest cheer that anyone that the entire night was when joel embiid came in bore lesson street clothes and danced from the entrance all the way to the batch the crowd went wild any neither of his feet fell off while he was dancing so it was all good.

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