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Welcome to Scuba Shack Radio Episode Fifteen recorded Sunday September twenty second two thousand in nineteen Scuba Shack radio is a biweekly podcast in support of our mission to empower individuals with knowledge ability experienced to venture underwater in pursuit shoot their aspirations and advocate for ocean health and sustainability Hi Everyone and thanks for listening to Scuba Shack Radio. I'm your host was Jephson's European. All today is the last day of summer. Two Thousand Nineteen and boys have been a really busy time for us and he didn't get any ls busy this week. We had emergency first response class this week. Oh we're doing a rescue class this weekend. There's an open water class also going on this weekend. Yesterday we did nighthawks class and earlier this week. MONTY and I were up at the Boston Sea Rovers meeting for the month of September getting ready for the clinic in March twenty twenty so stolen going on up here will be diving next weekend up at Jamestown Rhode Island to finish up some certifications and then it's off to the to the Caribbean and Dima and maybe out to the Philippines as well.

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