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Zero five crowded from the valley freeway one six seven up toward newcastle neighborhood cause of the crash is still being investigated however clearly in what i can see that the semi driver was at fault for the collision the semi driver was not hurt there were no signs of impairment earlier reports indicated that the crash was in the construction zone but it turns out it was not snohomish county sheriff's deputies responded to a home where a toddler was run over by a lawn mower and killed it's been called the tragic accident had happened on two hundred third avenue near snohomish we get more from komo's tammy matassa says just absolutely heartbreaking for the family for neighbors and even for deputies county deputies say the three year old boy was riding the lawnmower with his dad when he fell off and went under the more we're told i was bonders rushed here and try to save him but he was pronounced dead say both major crimes and the collision investigation unit say there's no evidence of anything criminal or suspicious so they're not investigating stan would yesterday afternoon a medical helicopter had.

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