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Here was the upset special colfax and alex smith and company. Getting it done the washington. Football team beat the steelers. Twenty three to seventeen. Let's his coming smith under pressure going. In so ps touchdown. Logan thomas in washington and extra point away from tying snapping hold are good and hopkins has got it down to down a one and the washington. Football team with the upset in pittsburgh and the steelers are undefeated. No more and it took between alex. Smith was the comeback player of the year before he even touched a football field colfax. You've seen pictures of his leg. Then you and i. We would still be lying if that happened to us. This guy's playing football any just beat the best football team in the nfl. Thirty one to forty six two hundred ninety six yards and a touchdown. I love that man. I just chills alex smith. What a great story in this terrible terrible year that is twenty twenty and finally the bills beat the forty niners. Thirty four to twenty four. The bills are nine and three josh allen. Thirty two of forty. Three hundred seventy five and four touchdowns. Bill swallow when you see you see josh allen do things like that and and drew locks kinda where he is at this stage and colefax knocking drew. Lock ally here at this this week. Can we have been for several weeks. I suppose but you're just not seeing the glimpses josh allen. Even at the beginning of the season. I was watching Good morning football on the nfl network elect to watch that in the early in the mornings. And the david said you know josh allen. Is this kind of he's just rebel. Going play really really good football and then suddenly you're gonna see just a crazy player to that's either going to result in absolute madness. And he he almost get sacked. He finds a way he throws up tip. It's caught firsthand. Whatever or he's going to get sacked fumble it crazy interception. He was doing some of that early in the season. He's cleaning up some of those early mistakes where his brain just kind of checks out for a player to and now he's got his team at a nine and three record and broncos fans today again talking about what could have been you know you and i were looking at that draft class from eighteen and denver passed on josh allen and lamar jackson. They were there you know. Bradley chubb is a fine player. But it's we're always talk about that for the rest of allen's career. He won't be known as the in. Especially if allen just goes on to really extraordinary things. He's going to be known as that quarterback that elway let get away and especially guys in his own backyard. Do we saw with phillip lindsay. We stay with josh allen. It's frustrating hi. Dan brady long time listener. First-time texter okay. Remind me again. How much better. The texans are than the browns. Yeah pillow fight. Dan and i had our our quarrel. I'll admit it you're right. The browns turned it around. I don't know how they've done it. I three weeks ago. I was questioning saying. This team has too good of a record. I don't understand that game over. The weekend was fun to watch though. Brown's look good yes colfax. I just wanted to point out that back in two thousand seventeen. The boise state broncos beat the wyoming cowboys brett rippin versus josh allen. Twenty four so are you saying we should give a shot doing that out there dynamite. So what was the staff. Do you have the box score. Brought up there. Yes what do you need. What was bread. Stick bread rippin. So yeah that line. Brad had fourteen out of nineteen completions. Hundred twenty four yards does sound interceptions. None of those. It was well see josh allen. Had a lot of those games wyoming. Josh allen had twelve twenty seven hundred thirty one yards one touchdown to interception up. Go back and look at a lot of josh allen games and you're going to see a lot of games like the game. They played a few years back in the snow game. I mean i get. It was snowing But i've seen quarterback threw for three hundred yards in snow. Game patrick mahomes does it all the time. So it'd be alan similar stats. So why was bred rippin. Why wasn't he drafted. Because i even all the the projections that i had. I figured rippin would go in the third or fourth round. You know. he was pretty good with boise state. never he doesn't get drafted. That's a great point. Well they were top twenty five team for a year to right. Yeah that last year before they typically are and rippin. We had the debate. Remember we did. We did a poll question for this. It was who was when cs. You still had nick stevens. It was who is gonna be the better quarterback this year. Nick stevens brett rippin or josh allen and i. I don't i'm not for sure on this but i'm pretty sure we got more votes for ribbon and i trust hooligans on this so maybe the answer is you know with or without drew lock you go into the offseason with both of those guys and you let them duke it out. I admit i wanted to see brett ripping. I i will say. I'm bummed about the whole quarterback room because it wasn't just drew it gets you know doesn't get a play. It's it's bread to and i wanted to see. I want to see more of him. But that's not. I can tell you that's is much as i want that to happen. Is that a game plan going in and if it fails which i would suppose an undrafted guy. Chances are you're gonna be broncos. Country is going to be at you again for going into an off season with a guy. You don't think drew lock and guides unproven abroad rippin. But i'm with you. I mean i'd like to see it. I'd like to see him. Get an opportunity sir. Charles quote of the day the eagles. They're actually no. Oh the giants you mean. The eagles are not The giants are actually playing some good football therefore five and seven leading their division. Isn't that like kind of like putting whipped cream on top of poop. Oh sir charles. charles Do the giants are pretty good. Did you hear colin cowherd. He'll he's gonna say it on the show today. I saw it as preview video. He thinks that the giants are better than pittsburgh. Now like right now. Put them up against each other. He's taken the giants to win. It's what he said. I mean he's yeah gets address. He said broncos whereas darkhorse super bowl. I think he'll syndrome drew. Lock the doors to the mvp. He in fairness he finally backs away from that to start. The season does it you. Can you hold it to them. If they back away. Right at the start of the season. I guess he must have got some payments he must have heard something he must have got some kind of insider information. That's like actually we're watching. Are you cool to dancing stuff that he does because that's coming to surface again. I'd prefer if he did backflips in there too. Yeah right. before he scores a touchdown that'd be best. Yeah i don't have a problem with it if it's a bronco pillow dance vilify. Dan says you'll be able to see more of rippin four years when he's in the xfl playing for the memphis. Hello i pay to go. See the memphis vs. Is that even a team. Because not a real the memphis honeybees like. Let's make that happen.

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