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Another Buddhist four. You know, I was actually I was thinking of you because you know, you do the prayer hands in the photo because I was incredibly handsome. No, that's that's normally. But I don't have any follow up to that. I just you're handsome. God. It's all I got. But. You do the prayer hands in photos, and I don't know if you know this I never was irritated by. But some people are Mark Henry told me. The next thing. He saw you do the prayer hands. And he saw the the posters that we had designed for this show. He saw the animated version of you with prayer handwrite. And he said the next time I see Corey graves. I'm gonna kick him in the nuts. He does not like your prayer. I have a hard time believing. Mark Henry can kick above his waist. Send that David Greco. Oh my God. He's always gives me crap for that for the prayer. He he says, I guess I've never seen the LEGO movie. But apparently there was a bit in the LEGO movie where Batman says humble hands. I'm hands or something. So every time I see big show. He goes. Oh, humble hands lands. And it's like, you're a giant is weird. It's not funny uncomfortable. I I just just love love it. it. I love the idea of the big show just sitting at home giggling to himself as he walked off early apparently much like Mark Henry me doing this Benz everyone in big Joe's house, so. Well, it's an old school thing. You know, we don't do prayer hands. And we watched the LEGO movie, that's what the legends. I have three children. I've never seen a LEGO movie. That's an accomplished soccer being a dad. I don't know. Well, you're not the world's dad. You're the world champion the world champion of love. And that's very very important. Are you excited for the weekend? Of course, you know, pay per view weekends or no small feat for you. You do raw you do smackdown. Four hundred thirty one hours of live commentary this. That's right. That's right. Then you'll follow it up with the voice overs for two k nineteen. That's right. I've actually stopped consuming liquid until next Thursday. Do any of you play like the two K games? Yeah. I do too. But I really always just took the commentary for granted until I started talking to graves about like I'd be sitting there, and I will have seen him like three days ago to pay per view or something and my life will have completely moved on. And he's like, no, I'm in Orlando still doing commentary now for the video game. Well, let's give it up for the two K crew realize if you wanna keep Corey graves happy just have good beer in the cooler all day. So if I'm slowing my words and the two K game. Yeah. That's where we're at. But yeah, but no, but to your point it's Royal rumble weekend. Right. Which is historically always since I've been a fan my entire life. This is the coolest pay per view of the year. I think I think so and. And. For fans. I mean, those of us that know like this is the kickoff to the beginning of the important part of the year. Right, right. People that don't even like wrestling watch wrestlemainia, right, right? AMP super. It's a Super Bowl that these people that don't even like wrestling can get into the Royal rumble. Man. I don't even like wrestling at this point. It was still excited. Sit there, and do, you know anything about the Royal rumble matches themselves? Do you like to be surprised? Well, kind of knows. So according to the internet, which I read sparingly, I I have a script in front of me at all times, which is news to me. And we really off at great to have a script because it would make my job in my life way easier. We have these things called run sheets with any television show has so you know, what's actually happening the show as far as the commentary goes, I wish I didn't have to think for myself, but beyond that, I actually one that. I hate to know what's going to happen before it happens. Because ultimately at the end of the day. I'm a wrestling fan. I have been for thirty however, many years I've been on the earth..

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