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But there was a study done where only third of people have ever say say believe they have ever been thanked for their work in an office. All my gosh. No wonder people hate going to work, right? And think about how easy it is to say when you know. Obviously, I'm a manager. Lots of people work for me. Now, he's just for me to say. Thank you for that. I really appreciate it. You made my life easy easier by doing that. It really does make the person who receives that complement or that. Thank you feel so much better. And then here's the kicker. It makes you feel so much better too. Because you're taking the time to express appreciation it actually makes you feel better. And these are little things we forget gratitude actually grows when you share it. I mean, it's really kind of if I share it with somebody else. They're grateful. Well, if you're grateful, you're more likely to share it with somebody else and so on and so on and so on like you said it's upward spiral. And there's no downside to it. It's not like if I do this. I have to okay, you have to lose some of your negative, and he have to lose some of your grumpiness. But other than that if you want to consider that a downside there, really no negative side effect to gravitate. No, there's no negative side. Checked and it's free every single moment free and easy to access every single moment of your life. Well, here's something that I do know about you as you, and I are similar in the fact that for both of us gratitude comes easily it's one of our top five character strength, banks. And so we kind of get a little day pass when it comes to practicing it because it does something that's very easy for us. It comes naturally. So what about people who don't have that as a natural strength? How do they go about cultivating that and really nurturing it? So it becomes more natural for them. Well, one of my favorite exercises, and this this comes out of the via strength book, Sean acre talks about it has ball. In fact, fact almost every happiness practices book. It's an art. It's in live happy ten practice choosing joy gratitude one of the practices. It's an almost every book you could ever pick up because it works. If you wanna work on your gratitude and believe me gratitude has a massive impact. On your life. And you don't have to believe me. There's all sorts of statistics out there. Studies out there that show that gratitude has an impact on your overall happiness and well-being without a doubt. And I'll try and get actually we'll get the editors to post some of those some of that information on the website when this podcast posted. So people can go there and look at it. But one of the easiest practices to do. It's easy to do. And it's easy not to do. So you actually have to do it for it to work is taken journal and put it next to your bed and everyday at the end of the evening right down three things, you're grateful for and they have to be specific. It can't be grateful for my three children Zack in Quin every single day. 'cause yesterday grateful for them a more specific instance, white be I am grateful that my son Zach gave me a big hug when I came through the door today because I really needed it. That's a very specific example. Those are the things you need to write down, and you only need to write down three and some. Days you might just be grateful that you made it home, and it's time to go to bed and you wanna turn off the lights, and that's it. And that's okay as their days like that for all of us. Even those of us that live Abby we have days like that. But what will happen if you do this for twenty one days, you're gonna start practicing? Gratitude naturally, you're gonna start thinking of things to be grateful for more importantly, you're going to be noticing things to be grateful for in your day. And you're gonna at the end of the day you need to write that now. And what a study that was done on..

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