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And we are back with Christian GOP in show touching based on a few more all natural, totally inexpensive, yet wildly effective health moods that all mimic the same effects of some very expensive treatments out there, and I had to get a few more in our last segment. We got in some real fabulous ones. But there's a couple more I want to touch on because they really hit home for me. Number one. People having trouble sleeping. Pick me pick me. Here's the cool thing. 2019 study reveals that folks who regularly are exposed to incidental light from a TV screen or a phone screen or even from, say, a nightlight or anything like that, or an alarm clock. While they're sleeping. They gained £11 on average over a few years. Put themselves at a high risk for obesity and had a lower quality of sleep. And what some people are saying now is forget the expensive sleep AIDS and that kind of stuff which honestly scared the crap out of me here about some of these side effects that you know you're having trouble sleeping. Try one of these pharmaceutical sleep AIDS. No, thanks. Because you're here and crazy stuff. People driving their cars without knowing they were even in them. Wacky, weird stuff. You just know that would be me. I'd be picked up on some surveillance thing. God knows. What have you wearing fur pajamas that day? You know, just no, thank you. Instead. They're saying sleep in total darkness. Turn that clock around. Have everything turned off night Lights haven't blocked with something If you need night lights for the kids. Grandkids, you know, Make sure they're far away from yours from your eyes. Light exposure disrupts the circadian rhythms, which we've all heard about. It helps you sleep and not only does it, you know, whack out your sleep. It increases hunger hormones, which could explain a lot in my house. So the simple fix is a sleep mask designed to block 100% of light. So say you need to have lights in the hallway for family or pets or whatever, and put on a sleep mask. A sleep mask gets it done. I'm gonna try that very cool stuff. This one grabbed me because here in the Pennsylvania area of this next one grabbed me because we're coming up on fall, and it's ticks and Lyme disease And that's something that's coast to coast and walking around before we start getting some crazy winter weather is always a big thing around here. No doubt in your neck of the woods, too. Ticks are everywhere and ticks carrying line disease. Coast to coast can not only cause severe joint pain people have had lime No. This recent studies are showing that lime may also dramatically increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's now. Fortunately, protecting.

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