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Hey, what's happening on DJ, six minutes? And here's what you need to know nine weeks. Six games going on right now, we got scorn all over the place. Let's start with Tampa Bay in Atlanta. Jameis Winston is. I start looking pretty good Cameron break a TD catch. Then that Ryan did this Ryan takes a snap twice on the reverse loads up a throw left side at a wide open man down the sideline inside the stretch into the end zone. Touchdown mohammed. Defense on a thirty five yard touchdown. And a falcons are on the board at eight twenty first the call courtesy of ESPN radio doc in seventy six right now in the first quarter fucking years missed an extra point only game without scoring Steelers and Bengals in the first quarter. The Bengals moving in inside the ten Ben Gordon to four yard touchdown chargers on top of the Browns, seven nothing. Shawn Watson the Andre Hopkins. Texans lead by touchdown over the bills Brock Osweiler. And it's first start with the dolphins marches right down the field. Just like we all thought the TD past Ross wiler. Dolphins up seventeen nothing on the bears. Vikings get Lativa Murray rushing touchdown daily seven to three over the cardinals jets with the pick six clayborn to the house markets Johnson and TD for the colts jets attend to seven lead on the colts in the first quarter in London. Russell Wilson a five yard TD CD Seahawks on top of the raiders seven and nothing. Redskins can Alex Smith to Vernon Davis. Touchdown passed. It is Washington up seven. Nothing on the Panthers. And major league baseball coverage starts at six eastern on ESPN radio Astros. Looking to go up against the Red Sox? Keen to the American League championship series the Houston Astros. And the.

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