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I'm Richard cancer hidden from dismissing the recession talk I don't see a recession I'm in the world is in a recession right now and although that's too big of a statement but if you look at China China is doing very very poorly president trump insisting he has no concerns about the strength of the US economy we have the strongest economy by far in the world but the stalled negotiations with China rattling investors and the president trying to downplay some economists fear ABC's Rachel Scott pro democracy organizer say more than one and a half million people marched Sunday in Hong Kong so far no crackdown by China so the Chinese have a dilemma here if they offer concessions it resetting a dangerous precedent for one party communist state the relies on all floor tarian rule and if the crackdown violently then the world is watching the commercial and economically and president trump also saying they will find it difficult to do a trade deal with China if it doesn't respond to the crisis here humanely A. B. C.'s Ian panel in Hong Kong the Associated Press reporting that a senior administration official tells it the US is open up secret communications with Venezuela's Socialist Party moss members of president Nicolas Maduro is in our circular seeking guarantees they won't want is retribution if they see to growing demands to oust Maduro court appearance Monday in Youngstown Ohio for James reared in junior high accused of making what authorities believe was a threat to a Jewish center please saying disturbing video posted online by James Riordan junior showing.

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