Putin, Arthur, Baghdad discussed on AM with Michael Hart


Our economy in their economy are so intertwined or comingled but yeah putin's made some very interesting comments in recent days and like you said today and so yeah and then when you bring up the bunkers and the seed bunker and so many other things that are out there and yet we got hawaiians that are doing drills because kim younghoon might be able to mount something to have would accounts liked off to a stood missile scud missile pardoning forty and slip the i was well what was that um it was arthur can't the scuds stood out of baghdad him and all the other one peter arnett and they were add that our member people tune in at night two the operation desert storm to watch the scuds stood report live and that was one of the very first wars that we ever that was one of our very first prime time wars and my parents recorded the whole thing either really vhs tapes who who of the whole gulf war desert storm and shield it was like a military olympics were ivy that have happened that day they reported on that day and tell you how bad it really got it those back in my in my are wide open days i would get off work and there was little establishment down the street from my house and three or four my friend would pop in there every day run six o'clock under the owners we hung out and we would watch the war on tv while we drank b 52s and kamikazes it got it got to be that ridiculous so yeah i had a little little freudian flashback there i hope you'll pardon me the yson's eight six six five five one nine nine three three let's get the gym to mop up this segment hey jim how are you s four hundred missile mike now i'm reading off a wicket pedia so you know give or take mock fourteen eleven thousand miles per hour we don't have anything in our type ballistic missile arsenal that can even catch up to one of those mike walk fourteen there s four hundred nine.

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