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Distributed all down to us and we're because social media has made a so stupid we can't even have democracy anymore I'm basically bring it all into a nut shell but every clip that unfolds it's like they gave us something they for stuff upon us they subsidize it and they're using it as an excuse to take away all of our liberty and all of our ability to have a say in how we are governed anyway so I just love your clips on it play as many as we can do you could twenty one who is that speaking that's Nathan okay cartels Nathan is the guy who's writing the book who is the puppet of or that whatever mouth piece of Nicholas Berg ran a billionaire CFR guy Brookings guy World Economic Forum guy Lynn rock child had a piece of this earlier at let's let's just here at all those people have in store for us by playing clip twenty one Wall about deliberation we need institutions so you just can say we don't like same sex marriage and that's the end of it is in California if you gather five per thousand signatures and say we don't like same sex marriage you go to the ballot and the public votes on it and it becomes the law unless the courts challenges so to get back to your first point so the the what's the crisis of democracy this is the same question was asked the other day an interview with the economist the so what's the problem with the what causes the moxie you're just liberal cosmopolitan's we don't like these in a way people the way you people are voting I said no it's not an issue of elections you know like I said Makro goes this way le pen goes that way is an issue of the institutions of a partial solution prices outside the ballot box that make democracy work and allow governing his senses that happened in the verses like I missed the first time I listen to that Lind wrote tiled owns the economist I think so him being interviewed by them is kind a little bit of a set up but this idea of having to control direct democracy it's actually gonna be easier for them can to control the way I think of it is like when we switched from pensions policies changed pensions difficult to manage institute I went to for one case that makes us individually a little easier to manipulate I want to carry on with that theme of how they're they're going to be very manipulative in the structure moxie after the break this is Monica correct Italy is a volunteer with the American cancer society road to recovery program it involves volunteering your time to go pick up a cancer patient for treatment Maria drives cancer patients to appointments to can't imagine getting the news that you have cancer and then having to struggle to figure out how you can get to treatment I mean that's a double whammy right there it's a great way to turn a little of your spare time into something truly meaningful it's not a bad thing at all some people say oh oh that's so sad you're taking people to cancer treatment now that's a very positive thing number one they have treatment to go to and number two that I'm able to to drive them so there's no negative to it whatsoever get in the driver's seat in the fight against cancer they say to me so many times I don't know how I would have gotten to all of these.

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