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Fine Arts opened its doors this weekend to visitors bring people back then. Serving them give them a place to gather. It just feels great in if a director Matthew Teitelbaum says they're opening up museum and phases with a number exhibits on display being shut down and witnessing some of the events of 2020 allowed the FAA to pivot and focus on the issues surrounding communities. Today, when the visitor comes in, the first thing they'll see is black. History's black futures, which is a really remarkable exhibition organized primarily from our collection by a group of youth from Boston, Gen. Paul in missed taking her 11 year old daughter, Meena to the museum. Meena is part of the young, a Spectrum program I tear up when I talk about it. It's just It's such an important part of our family. The museum is requiring visitors to register online and when they arrive, they will be screened. At the door. The town of Fair Haven, reopening the Fort Phoenix Scott a kit neck and West Island beaches today, as long as there are no further shark sightings. A sighting off Hacker Street bridge yesterday, forcing police to shut down the beaches for the day. No sighting since the Fair Haven harbor Master will patrol the area this morning to make sure the waters are safe for swimming and boating. Authorities say You should probably stay out of the water until they've made those patrols. Well, the fall season is here. The leaves are starting to change the night's air cooling down and one more sign of the times. It's apple picking season and it's open at Brooks Bee Farms in Peabody. There are safety measures in place. Gotta wash your hands before you head off to fill a basket, And they've also marked a path for pickers to walk and people have to social distance going from tree to tree. But beware. Lots of folks have already visited the farm and trees maybe picked out before the season typically ends 708 to Wall Street now in business with Bloomberg, would you be more likely to take a flight if everyone else on the plane just took a rapid covert test before boarding the industry thinks he would, and that's why it's calling for testing off all international travelers before departure. Alexander Juniac, CEO of the International Air Transport Association, says carriers are witnessing on ly a meager rebound and travelers because they're afraid both of Cove it end of governments wrecking overseas itineraries with travel bans and quarantines. Industry would not recover until we find an alternative trick warranty. That alternative would be rapid and urgent tests coming to market starting next month. Costing as little as $10 and giving a 97% accurate result in 15 minutes. In addition to giving government the confidence to re open borders, it will bruise passenger confidence, knowing that everybody on the aircraft has been tested. Juniac says it would require complete cooperation between governments a tall order but one that could rescue the industry. Andrew Rhodey Bloomberg Business on W. B z Boston's news radio Coming up It's 7 15 a prayer march held yesterday in Washington who will be the first to know who will be will be you will be, you will be because you listen to W B Z Boston's news radio.

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