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Kings, Trevor Moore, Michael Hodgson discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast


A. That's a tough flight back to to personalize it a little bit more than you know than than we normally do in podcasts or do the way we talk about hockey players. It's gotta be hard flight home for Michael Hatches and like as a team like if you're Johnson bars you the captain of the team. What are you saying to Michael Hodgson on the flight back? Yeah that is a tough one really tough and you know you saw two virus at the end of the second period. Just after he gave up that fourth goal which was a really really really hard one you know making sure he waited to give him the tap like just trying to do anything to make him feel a little bit better. It's a moment jeff. That's that's really hard moment way to absolutely kill the mood. But it's a very very very fair point okay. Becomes the question what what happens with the police. He's now and do you think they're done. I don't think they have to be done. Like I think they let this breathe Clifford. They were in New York. The kings were so you know what the thing is. Clifford in Campbell probably flew home with them too. So they're going to you know they're gonNA meet the media on Thursday and they play the ducks on Friday. They could be in the lineup against. It's a team. They both know very well. I think the one thing is trevor more. That's what the Kings want. They want a young player. Quick player a player is going to get more opportunity there in here and what it allows Toronto to say is. We didn't have to give up one of captain or Kerr foot or Yonsin and that means they still have those those items in their arsenal if they wanna do more now and I think that's the question is is this just. Is this the only change they'd say let's see what happens with our goaltending now better or do they say you know what we're going out and we're getting a D.. I think the initial plan was to let this play out closer sorta deadline and see what they see how it played out By we'll see they still have the opportunity to make those moves if they want to do them one small thing as well on on Trevor. Don't forget the Los Angeles kings are kind of getting a local boy here to write the kid from California And that always plays well as much much is that. Might you know. Sting someone Trevor Moore who you know leaves his first. NHL team he is going home here you know he is going to play at the staples APL centers so as much as it might suck not going to a playoff team. The kids going home and he's going to get a chance to play more and you get a chance. Taymor ended up going home. If you're not gonNA play he's GonNa play and you know. We talked about this on the show tonight as well Elliott and that was if you're the Los Angeles kings what are you looking for you. He looking for scoring. You're looking for speed and you're looking for youth correct. Yes and he's on a good contract any on a good contract and that guy works his does too does not clear. Now I gotta say something just before we wrap this insert up so the trade broke around ten forty five and later somebody sent me a picture of tweet and guess around ten o'clock a burner account on twitter had it and I can't give you the name of the burner account count because I don't want to get fired but I was talking about this when things cooled down while we were waiting to set this up with a couple of people around the League back and it's interesting like people are going to be searching for the identity of that person who it is. No it's gotta be somebody. You knew one of the players. That's my guess. didn't have the picks Campbell they clifford and they had more. When you see something like this your competitive juices get going is a challenge to you now? Are you going to turn into the Hockey media's Hercule. Oh Farro for all those Agatha they're trying to solve this no I. I'm curious I'm not gonNA do it publicly. I am curious privately by I will. We'll tell you I was talking about it with a couple of GM's tonight and they say that that would make them crazy if it was their deal. The game one of the Jim said to me. It's bad enough when you get it all.

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