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The changing face of america and the millennials generation. America's gonna go from a majority is going to be awfully close majority minority country so what brock. Obama represents a breakthrough and demographics. What barack obama represents is for the first time in this country's history as we want three percent in two thousand and eight we want even less than two thousand twelve. We want roughly thirty nine. Thirty eight percent of the white vote. Two thousand twelve under way to his second majority win. What barack obama represents is is. That is the changing demographics and what that power means. Brock obama For the first time out nation's history the vast majority of white voters say. I want to go this way and the country go in a different direction. That is few and look. The guys. Like atwater ms nixon campaign france. Who came up with the southern strategies other tries to start but the but the most most successful political strategy in american history as a simple strategy of pitting for whites against black in pushing racial right so for the first time. The wolf wasn't at the door this fear of. I'm going to pull back from from our college days public enemy you know or the fearful black planet for the first time. The wolf wasn't at the door. The wolf was actually in the house. Black and brown people head decided president along with the coalition of thirty eight. Thirty seven percent of white people made up a majority now. What does this mean. Historically now in yugoslavia from willow too deep. Because here's the problem in no other. Modern western powerful democracy has power gone from the majority white people to brown people and if in fact power concedes nothing. We are at a very interesting and unusual place in history of democracy. Because we're gonna find out if what we really believe in is one person one vote and democracy or do we really believe in one group holding onto power and so trump was a backlash to the changes that are happening in the country and the polling and and look for. The polling wasn't so much wrong because his narrative was wrong. Hillary in the forced to way hillary was always at fifty percent or so in the fourth to way but it wasn't forced to way race..

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