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Peter Finch. Here's what's happening. Cal trans crews have revealed what it was that went wrong on the Richmond San Rafael bridge yesterday, and what they plan to do to fix it. KCBS is Megan gold speak with the story. It turned out to be a problem with an expansion joint. Which is a part of the bridge that helps it move slightly based on the weather Tony to viruses. Cal trans district director. Obviously the bridge was built in the mid nineteen fifties, the expansion joy, we think it's wear and tear. It could have also been caused by heavy truck load that win over that area. They've put in temporary metal plates and had been hoping to make the fixed permanent this weekend. Even getting an emergency order to put a contractor on standby, but we hope to begin work depending on on the weather as early as Monday throughout the weekend. We will have crews that will be monitoring the site. And if any issues arise we will address those issues immediately. The bridge had been inspected on its normal schedule. But they will be checking it again. Now, we will have. A team that's will be going out in the next couple of weeks along with contractor to inspect all the expansion joints along that five and a half mile length of the bridge. And if we find any additional issues, we will have those repaired at the same time in the East Bay making gold, speak KCBS, a proposed law would allow community college students to sleep in their cars overnight in school parking. Lots KCBS is marquee Schaeffer spoke with the bay area lawmakers supporting the safe lot legislation more than twenty percent of community college students in Los Angeles experienced some period of homelessness in the prior year. According to the assembly speaker's office people can't afford, the high cost of.

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