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One O 7 Steve dresner WTO P news Money news sponsored by tropical smoothie cafe Tropical smoothie cafe and the nationals have partnered to bring you the next very crushed smoothie available at over 70 DMV locations Tropical smoothie cafe officials with the other Washington Nationals Are you planning on selling your home Why not get full service from a cap center real estate agent At only 1% commission That's less than half the usual cost We saved a significant amount on the fees which allowed us to price our house more aggressively and still net more than with other brokers Tap your home selling costs Does it cap center dot com Equal housing opportunity restrictions apply sea cap center dot com for details This ad contains real client feedback voiced by actors Robert white has bad ideas and broken promises flip flopping on schools On jobs and on crime he simply can't be trusted Washington deserves a leader with integrity This election is about who you trust to lead D.C.'s comeback Endorsed by The Washington Post muriel Bowser is a proven trusted leader I keep my promises I do what I say I'm going to do and I don't waffle Vote by June 21st for muriel Bowser Pay for my reelect muriel Bowser our mirror Jodi of treasurer The DMV download podcast is a more complete look at the news stories impacting our region From high gas prices is this seriously the highest gas has ever been It could be worse if it could be California To the hunt for a fairfax murderer Even looking for him for two months I mean where is he We suspect we know where he is Meghan cloherty and Luke Garrett dig deeper every weekday Listen wherever you get your podcasts presented by steamfitters local 6 O two WTO a 1228 Traffic.

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