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The Minnesota gophers I love the game here in the call center this is the this is a crazy town the midway point of this game Wisconsin has a lead on a power play tally here in the second period Scott redirect the puck off the boards Walker picks it up over to he sent me Walker can pull that thing off after heading to chase it down in self defense yeah it was amazing speed souls or for that twenty no it's not either reaching sunrises for an admin password waffle stepped across the Wisconsin line is sent across just talk to first put it down initially by with one lady was so that's our six five in favor of the badges said seventeen sixteen Minnesota's favor eight twenty to go in our second the level of what we're seeing with the go for earlier to worry about it the directions a couple scoops of what is today my numbers for number seven one about a great start he scored on a few moments ago well what a fabulous answer by Brandon McManus an explosive entry into the Wisconsin what did he start that one thirty five footer I will is a beautiful shot game two that equals a shop that was unbelievably accurate one the goaltender change for the gophers Minnesota been playing better soon for now here's a chance for Minnesota's products the flood why the company from Burke Phoenix Arizona native got it all to summarize scrambling for the player manages across the ice for months thanks for the come down the wall squeeze off the play by Kiandra Miller he rolled his neck pulled back in behind his goal for the first partner for looking to remove the solo on just try to do goals or blocks it first but souls or picks up a loose puck across lace to Johnny Sorenson Jackson also back to Johnny shop for the parents who went down to a leg for trying to keep the news on the call goes for a moment it comes slowly on prince it down covered up by little this one hundred eighty degree turn and direction after that Wisconsin goal in the Minnesota goaltending change with all the time hi entertainment value with this one two two hockey game off the face off for order to appoint consoles for his why Overstreet control so starting up the right side please feel taken full for the passes from the free throw off the boards for break up the plane wobbled one neutralize person will displace today well first the wall behind the goal for necklace squeeze out the play by his rules door still has a this is what I.

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