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From the Kauffman foundation working together with communities in education and entrepreneurship to create uncommon solutions and empower people to shape their lives and be more successful more online at Kaufman dot org then from Americans for the arts it's morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king I'm Rachel Martin and I'm Steve Inskeep that phrase about one small step for man is about to be out of date the trump administration is promised to put the first woman on the moon by twenty twenty four the new plans for space come amid celebrations of the anniversary of the first moon landing fifty years ago that feat grew out of the U. S. space race with the Soviet Union the changed much of American life here's president Dwight Eisenhower talking about Sputnik one the satellite first launched by the Soviet Union in October nineteen fifty seven we congratulate OB obrien on putting a spotlight into orbit United big battle right program has been the dying from it in fact for maximum results in plant typically start now the U. S. is turning its eyes upward again in space is our topic as we ask Cokie Cokie Roberts joins us regulated talk about our politics in the government work I Cokie hi Steve and here's our first question I'm Bridget how can of two more in Iowa is anyone actually still interested in going to space or what space exploration offers us it seems the hype was huge when the program started years ago but appears it's become a joke with space force actually recent polling stations a good bit of interest in the program a CBS survey conducted in June char fully three quarters saying the moon shot was worth it in terms of time and money at about the same number said they favored sending astronauts to explore Mars and close to that number favor sending national it's back to the moon although almost as many said they personally would not like to go okay not for everybody now in terms of a space force that's a whole new branch of the military proposed by president trump a pew survey in may and June does show significant opposition to that about sixty percent but people still strongly supported US leadership in space although clearly is not what it was back at the beginning of the program when the whole country sat up and took notice how to the country take notice we now after World War two the Soviets once was repeating this and suddenly we heard that they've sent these beach ball sized objects way more than a hundred and eighty pounds store over the years am I remember well it was a huge shock Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson called extensive hearings then the US tried and failed to send up our own satellite so we rushed to set up massive to formally launch a space program in nineteen fifty eight then the Soviet shocked us again by sending a man into space in nineteen sixty one which led to president Kennedy's famous call from putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade one of the question comes from Vance controller who wants to know if there is political support for space exploration today is there any congressional appetite to actually allocate funding for the next moon shot whatever it might be a trip to Mars or a different project if you go by the budget numbers there absolutely is congressional support analysis been getting what it asked for and Maureen recent budgets and it's aggressively promoting the moon shot and a human on Mars the language Steve is so similar to what I heard in the nineteen fifties the program will provide for American leadership in space expand the US global impact but also that it will create a whole new generation of science technology engineering and math stem learners and really that's part of the original space program they might have had the most long lasting effect okay thanks as always good to talk to Steve counter Cokie Roberts and you can ask your questions about our politics in the government work by tweeting us with the hashtag asked this is NPR news more morning edition just ahead now the fingers crossed for hopefully a smooth Friday morning commute once again let's say good morning to Ted Anthony right down to San Jose stole some activity this hit and run accident as mentioned south down one oh one before the Santa mas expressway the vehicle that is out there went off the roadway from the shoulder just in need of a tow truck first reports of an accident out index and westbound eighty of milk farm road no other details but teach we headed out towards the area we do have delays of the bay bridge toll plaza backed up westbound eighty two the a Grand Avenue over crossing the metering lights are often once you're past that traffic is light on the way into the city I'm Ted Anthony or KQED and more traffic from Ted in ten minutes.

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