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Wendy williams. Estranged husband, Kevin hunter is unemployed. He's out as executive producer on the Wendy Williams. This being confirmed to page six today, a spokesperson for the Wendy Williams show sets hunter is no longer an executive producer on the show and Detmar mercury. The production company behind the show, which is him. Well, in his future endeavors page six reporting earlier this week that Kevin hunter was in negotiating with an excellent pack package after Williams filed for divorce last week. So but by Wendy took her advice just write him a check. Get him out. Yes. Because he doesn't have any money. No. I mean, you know, maybe he's siphoned off stuff. But just write a check and get him out of your life. Boom, boom, boom. That's exactly right and Mike Myers is the latest actor team up with net flicks hill star in and executive produce a mutual for the streaming service. Now, no word on what the name of the show is what it's going to be about. All we know is that Mike Myers will portray multiple characters in the series. They'll be six episodes. Mike Myers said I love creating characters net. Flicks has giving me a fantastic playground to play. Maybe it'll be live animation of him being different versions of Mr. potato head. That's. What's gone so big, and you can make all these different Mr. producer? I don't know what that guy is going to do. I'm just telling you. It's a big head. It's really gotten big of here. Yeah. Kill work out, the logistics. I'm sure. And. Segue. That's all right. It wasn't delightful. Segue Nick Jonas. He's gushing over his wife. Brianca Chopra says Mary being married to Priyanka has been an amazing experience at the two plan to have kids together. And that they want to create music, and possibly even film things that they can all watch as a family saying that will wait for the adult oriented content at a later date. And he said there are no hurry to have children. So she's frozen eggs. She probably did that at her. Mom's an auntie's behest ventures like thirty. Yeah. There you go. It's already been.

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