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Outbid her, even though she promised the state, and then meanwhile, she could have had both, and it would have been seventy K, and it would have been even more money to the charity. But anyways, we did a video on that. And Katy Perry fans. I said fuck Katy Perry. Katy Perry fans were coming after us. But their argument wasn't the best argument that they could have gone with because they just kept saying Katy Perry saved Laura from spending twenty K that she probably didn't have. So now, they're just assuming that this girl. Laura doesn't have money. Right. You know what I mean? So their their argument wasn't even good. And I'm and I'm reading it. And I'm like getting frustrated, but I'm I'm gonna nor this imagine highly doubt. Laura bid twenty thousand dollars for a day with Orlando bloom, and she didn't have. Exactly. They just kept saying there were like they were like out, you know, she saved she saved this poor woman from donating twenty K. I'm like, what am I talking about? But that's besides the point. I was stressed out about that. Meanwhile, this girl who wrote the article for the cut her her days so fucked up her week is fucked up now because now her job is going to be pissed at her. Because the I don't know if she has that type of like free, you know, here we could say, I think she might be freelance too. Because I don't know if she it was an op-ed. So I'm not I'm not sure if she's like fulltime employed by the cut she doesn't have that in her in her Twitter bio. So yeah, I don't know she she deleted all of her tweets about it. The cud deleted. All there is they issued an apology that the articles gone. So, but listen when I saw so tweet I was like oh fuck who's because this is what I was saying at the in the beginning when we were first talking about this. And and I was like Sophie is at the bachelorette parties, she's doing all this. And I was like if Sophie is in on it, then I kind of believe that it's all real because she seems like a very authentic woman and who wouldn't like fake life. So I just pulls me a different directions. I don't know. I'm not saying what to think the end of my block, just confused. I'm confused. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not saying that they're faking it. But how would it be Joe Jonas? And Sophie Turner got. So triggered about this. But just to really add into the the fact that they're they're they're married, but they're actually not like Joe and Towfighi were also in on it. It and everybody feels like assholes now. But actually it's fake. Yeah. I don't know. That would be a great turn out in the end it would. But I'm just huge for bloggers. I'm so I'm so torn I'm so confused. I don't know what to believe. I just think that in in your heart. You don't wanna believe that? They're actually married in little right? I mean, that's why I was buying into the fake marriage stuff in the first place mostly just because of my love new jars and not wanting him to get married. So it's easier to think that this was all fake put. But it's you know, who knows a lot of people are defending our defending them, and many people are very mad at this goal for writing this article for the cut so yeah, I mean. It's sucks to be that girl right now. But it will go away. Yeah. Exactly. And a few days something else will happen. It will go away. The goes..

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