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Bill shooting and democrat Gretchen Whitmer. Will face off in November they won their party primaries by wide margins Schutte fifty one percent of the vote over Brian Kelly twenty-five percent democrat Whitmer defeated Obdulio el-sayed about fifty two to, thirty percent SRI Dr got seventeen percent of the vote, former state Representative Rashida Toledo of Detroit with a victory over. Detroit city council president Brenda Jones to replace former congressman John Conyers. In the thirteenth district Leib. Thirty three percent of the vote twenty nine percent for Jones the mayor of Wesland William Wilde with fourteen percent to leave will become. The first Muslim woman in the US congress history primaries, for an open seat and the eleventh district congressional race businesswoman Lena Epstein, wins, the GOP primary in the democratic primary a former Obama administration official hail Stevens, defeated state rep, Tim Grimal the, ninth congressional district one by Andy eleven and eleven will be. The heavy favorite to succeed his father in. The US. House in the US Senate primary Republican businessman John James endorsed by President Trump and he took that endorsement to victory. Over sandy. Peddler fifty five to forty five, percent voters approved tax increases all over the place all of the local tax and renewal issues were approved in Wayne Oakland and McComb counties the smart bus millage one by twenty three votes in McComb county the racist. Too close to call in Columbus Ohio democrat Danny O'Connor and Republican Troy powders than in the Ohio twelfth congressional district baldur's leads by less than one percent balder Sohn thanked his supporters for, the next three months I'm going to do everything I, can to keep America great again So. That when, we welcome when we well we come back. Here and November get.

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