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Listen. My father is Keith hunter, Jespersen. He's known as the happy face, serial killer. The moment I walked in that house, I felt like I wasn't alone and I was being watched in every room just Persson says he left the body in the Columbia, gorge then cleaned up his house, wash the carpet, washed the blood off wall. What I could eventually painted the walls of the house owes in. And I said, I was being touched dad. Something was touching me. And he said, oh, don't pay any attention to them. They bother me all the time that night. Happy face a new series from house to forks, new episodes out every Friday on apple podcasts or wherever you get podcasts. Liz. Here is a letter from Robert about our Pinterest episode. Christie has a little shoutout for you. He says, I would like to nominate one of Kristen's blind from the show as the funniest line I have ever heard on your podcast quote, I went to mantra stink to see what men are nailing in. Oh, I did say that. I did say that I know that was my junior high self coming out and not my mature forty eight year old self, but it was funny. I checked out mantra thing. I would just like to say that as a manly, man, if a dude has to go to a quote Manley pinning sites, and he is overcompensating I am secure enough in my manhood to not only need a Pinterest account, and I will pin anything there that I like. So thank you. Robert, keep pinning. Keep on pinning. Is it just small, little plug. You can visit our little. Our little pin board pin bought over Pinterest, search stuff. Mom never told you. I've got an Email here from Jolie about our episode on food expiration dates, and she says, I get made fun of constantly at work for eating expired products. Nothing too crazy. Oh, although I will drink my milk up to ten days after the cell by Dave, my manager thinks I'm nuts. She's more extreme though. I offered her an expired outwit and she refused it, but to me, candy, never expires. Chocolate is good for years, even if it star. To get a little white. I might try it if I'm desperate. In the case of the outweighed though my boss was right. I found in my desk over a year old and didn't taste like anything like sugar, but no meant I didn't get sick, but it was just the flavor thing that you mentioned. So I thought I would share l. towards or no good after a while. Also one time I misread the date on my milk, imported into my cereal. It came out normal looking. The cat wasn't interested in that should have been tip off, but I got a spoonful in my mouth and then ran to the scene. I double check my carton expiration dates now expired milk. Hey, let's in this podcast on a soured milk. Note, thanks to everyone for writing in two moms, seven discovery dot com where you can send your letters, you can also hit us up on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter at mom, stuff podcast and follow us on tumbler as well. We are at stuff. Mom never told you tumbler dot com. And if you. Want to learn more about how to stay fit and healthy and very, very happy. You should head over to our website. It's how stuff works dot com. For more on this and winds of other topics visit how stuff works dot com. Hello. I'm Anna Marie, and I'm Laurin Vogel bomb and our show foodstuff all about these ci- history and culture. Food drink is relaunching as saver re along with ours to producer Dilling Fagin are hitting the road to find the stories behind all the things we like to eat and drink. We will be talking to the culinary creators and eaters of the world to get to the bottom of why we like what we like and how we can find more of those things. On our first trip, we went to Asheville North Carolina, a city that pulled itself out of a seventy year economic depression with beer and food. New episodes will be coming out Wednesday and Friday on apple podcasts.

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