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Is this sort of these past 10 seconds before overtime for this station identification. You're listening to Chicago Blackhawks hockey, The Blackhawks, Wild Cats and the NFL play here on a M 7 20 on smart speakers. Just say play WGN. Chicago. Well, we'll find out in overtime. If we're gonna get the cane to brink it combination again. But right now, Troy has a little something in his hand. Well, just the OT record for Detroit this season one and two past regulation. They haven't gone. Into a shoot out this season. The Blackhawks three and too old and too in the shootout. They've won their last three in overtime in the last two combination of That's your cane to Alex to break. It has been the difference in the game and I would assume that our starting lineup Jeremy Colton will throw out There will be David Camp in the middle with cane and Keith and again if they win the draw. Camp goes off if they lose the draw, Cane goes off. See if I'm Jeff Flash. I'm drawn Glendenning out there to take this opening face off over time just so they could get pot possession. Well, Dylan Larkin is gonna take the drawn 53% or coming into The night's action. So not bad. Just your captain to get the job done. Alright? Gonna be large and against David camp on the opening draw for overtime. Last second instructions, and now we're ready over time ready to commence to two after regulation between the Hawks in the Red Wings and the third meeting of the season. And the boys get in there a little too hard time dropping the puck here. I know what he wants to get into the equation. Nice and Baker, the linesman giving last second instructions, and he's adamant. Tell him all right. The drop of the puck. Larkin skewers in away. Keep grabs. The fuck of the Hawk's own pushes it out to center ice camp will stay on their markets circling back to get it at the Red Wing blue line. Passes on the right wing at center ice to Roenick. We'll take the puck and back up into the Red Wings.

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