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I'm remiss if I don't ask a follow up, there can what details. Can you give us from that out of body experience? Read the book in the book, wait a minute. So are these is talking to you about it? You interrupting me, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what that's about. I'm sorry, I interrupted you. Please continue about what. Question what he wanted to know the out of body experience and the the visit to the other side. Well. Well. Short explaining something to someone who hasn't been. There has no idea what it's like, but he explained that amazingly they did by the way at what point? At what seconds, like millisecond of that silence. Did you realize that he was offended and you'd have to apologize? I was trying to just fill the silence with comedy, then that's what the job is like. Did you ever think abusive could own you? Yes, of course, with any one of his black belt, how was he mean to you? Alison, how he was on a speakerphone. And so I asked him, can you pick up the phone? And he snapped me? No. And he said, there's no phone here. I'm like, there's no handset there. And then you know, handler is no, he can't. He has to use it in a we were barking. And so I, I don't believe that you is all about love on. There was no love there. There was no love there. I think he fluctuates wildly between love and not look. He was he wasn't. He wasn't thrilled. He was like, no, I'm not doing it. And it was just like, okay, I'm not gonna win this. So there was our first sign by the way that the interview might go. Well, the first sign is Gary Busey coming up. Next, the second sign is when he tells you and his handlers tell you, hey, I'm going speaker. We got a hearing aid situation because I ask you this question what's worse than Gary Busey Garib UC with a hearing aid..

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