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Hey, my personal favorite movie of all time favorite comedy movie of all time is the two thousand seven classics super bad. That's a good movie. Isn't it? Great. Did you know that Chris do you know that Seth Rogan and bad what a mess? Thirteen. Seriously. Yeah. There's there's a fun fact for you. Neat. Neto burrito. Anybody on super bad? I always just showed them to make love and seen in their hook there in. I am mclovin. Whatever happened to him. Michael Christopher ministers. Plas. Yes. I haven't the slightest because the other ones why shouldn't the other ones, but several people had careers launched from that movie, and he had a big as bigger role as as Jonah hill and yet nothing. I don't know everyone else is doing. Well. Bill Hader, Michael, Sarah, Chris, thanks for your call. I mean, even a hotel except Rogan went on to do other things as well. He got films after that. Do you really like Seth Rogan that much or do? You just do the debate me. No. Of course, I love Seth Rogan hilarious named one funny movie. He's at other than superman knocked up. That's not that good. This is the end. I didn't like that one at all. Why not because it wasn't funny? Good lord. And the worst one is pineapple express where he James Franco's place donors throughout the whole movie. Sandy McBride, Danny brides funny. I like Danny McBride. He was an eastbound and down a good show. He was in another movie industrial before that that I enjoyed as well. Can't remember what it was Google during the break, George and Marlborough, you're on New Jersey one and one point five. I think the funniest movie written producer by belt books were they have to put on springtime for Hitler. He wrote the producer. He actually worked where he used to seduce little elite produces place. Very interesting story, but any line in that movie classic? Have you ever love me room choice? I mean, it's just not a whole lot of moments. Even if you've seen have is a nervous breakdown when you lose this booth like in about every time, you see laugh, I have to say Georgia's is not the first person to call and Mel Brooks movie history of the world, that's my favorite Mel Brooks movie the meddling Kahn. She's in a lot of Mel Brooke's Mugello young Frankenstein, another good when she with Madeline Kahn. But when Moses and he comes down the mountain, he's got the three tablets, and he says, I give you these fifteen and then he dropped the tablets and it cracks and he says these ten commandments. That's fun. It indicated there originally God had given him fifteen commandments. But we only have ten of them because Moses dropped one of the tablets so your man's. Splitting the joke. Bill. Will. You didn't seem to get it. I got it. It's funny. Sure. Mike in Pennsylvania. You're on New Jersey one one point five. Yeah. I get to. But this one is really only with a TV show after the original movie, Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau yacht. Couple have you ever seen that? I have. It's hilarious rewind is funny. It's like every line in that movie is hilarious. It's real signed. It wrote it, and then what do you what do you think of it? You'd like it. Yeah. No. I enjoyed the odd. Couple. Yeah. And then the other one I don't know if you remember this is another Michael Keaton movie Ron Howard directed. It was gung ho where they turn the rust belt factory Japanese combined and Michael Keaton is stuck between the Japanese near bosses and the the American George went George went places, buddy. Now, that's a very good move. I'm a big Michael Keaton fan still the best Batman, by the way. Sure. What I mean, he's oh Christian bale, but you don't even like superhero movies. Don't get an opinion. Okay. All alright, which Batman movie have you seen Batman begins and dark Knight dark. Knight return. Okay. Others problems. So you've only seen Christian bale as Batman you really have no point of reference never saw Val Kilmer. You never saw George Clooney because it's like if it's this good why go to other sources because Mike and Michael Keaton was the original Batman in the movies. When Batman was big. And Michael Keaton was huge. I mean, you stratosphere I mean alias star. Why are you laughing at this is all these are true facts? Okay. Michael Keaton is the best Batman you mentioned the odd couple if we could circle back to that that was number seventeen on the list, and let me go over this. Here's the top ten. Airplane number ten and the graduate which haven't seen in twenty years. It happened one night. I've never seen mash number seven. I've seen that six blazing saddles. I've seen that five duck soup. That'd be a Marx brothers. Okay. From nineteen thirty-three any home than Dr Strangelove from sixty four Tootsie. I mean, I like Tootsie, but the second funniest movie ever, I'm still reeling. Over them thinking the graduate is funnier than airplane. Some like it hot is number one from nineteen Fifty-nine Billy wilder you ever seen that now. Yeah. Me neither. I mean. I know they dress in drag. It's Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon just ever really. I never thought. I'd really like to see those guys dressed as women then. So I never saw the movie, I we're talking about the funniest movie of all time in your humble opinion. Pat on the Parkway, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hi, hi. I think the funny movie is we get it Bernie or they drag a dead body around. The second one. And I just think money every time I see it. Bernie's guy is about to confess. I have never seen it. I know the concept, but I saw it when it first came out, and that's all say about that, Pat. Thanks for calling New Jersey one zero one point five not a fan. No, they drag a dead body run. Nobody picks up on it. Who could tell you know, that it's a corpse one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five.

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Michael Keaton, Seth Rogan, New Jersey discussed on Deminski and Doyle

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