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How many parents will keep their kids from getting the shots? I'm Steve Inskeep, and I'm Noel King. We examine which parents are hesitant. And why on StoryCorps, a foster mom and her foster daughter talk about how they met in Colombia protest against the government's attempt to reform the tax system are widening. Colombians are demanding something be done to address poverty and inequality. It is Friday, May 7th, the Colombian singer J. Well being is 36. And the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm winter Johnston stocks opened mixed on Wall Street this morning after the Labor Department issued a disappointing jobs report. NPR's Scott Horsley reports. The Dow Jones industrial average rose about 85 points in early trading. US. Employers added just 266,000 jobs in April, far fewer than forecasters were expecting job gains for March. We're also revised down That's a nasty surprise, given the strong jump in demand during the month from newly vaccinated customers who were dining out and planning, vacations, restaurants, bars and hotels all added workers during April, But manufacturing employment slumped partly as a result of automakers. Trouble sourcing the computer chips they need. Grocery stores and delivery companies also cut workers in April. Some employers say hiring would have been stronger but complain They're having trouble attracting workers. They're still 8.2 million fewer people on payrolls than there were before the pandemic. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington President. Biden is expected to deliver remarks today on the latest jobs report. Speech from the White House follows a trip to Louisiana on Thursday, where he once again promoted his sweeping infrastructure and American jobs plan Biting will let her head to Camp David for the weekend. Police in Texas are investigating a potential human smuggling operation after they pulled over a truck and San Antonio last night. Authorities say most of the people inside fled into a nearby field. San Antonio police Lieutenant Jesse Salameh says dozens of people may still be on the run. We don't have a solid number on that. Anywhere from 8200 is the number that we've been. We've heard it already say the driver of the truck is now in custody. Homeland Security has joined the investigation in Jerusalem, Israelis and Palestinians clashed on a street where Palestinian families are fighting court ordered eviction. Religious Jewish settler group has claimed ownership of their properties. MPR's Daniel Estrin reports on last night's skirmish in Jerusalem. Okay, there's some clashes now.

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