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And speak of him when he's gone Is a precious, and singular honor, at the memorial service this morning John McCain's daughter Megan. Offered a tearful and impassioned tribute to her dad she directed part of her message directly at President Trump. Who was pointedly invited not to attend the service she said. Her father was the real example of American greatness not cheap rhetoric. From men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who live lives of comfort and. Privilege while he suffered served and, she added America John McCain is generous and welcoming and board is resourceful confident secure She meets her, responsibilities She speaks quietly because she strong America does not boast because she has no need to the America of John McCain has no need to, be made great again because. America was always great Meghan McCain speaking this morning at the memorial service, for her father John McCain John. McCain is not the only great American who is being more in this week Aretha Franklin was, remembered yesterday at a, memorial service, in Detroit, that featured music and many tributes Stevie Wonder Arianna 'Grande faith hill Jennifer. Hudson and others performed at the event at the greater grace temple, in Detroit Speakers like Bill Clinton smokey Robinson and the Reverend Jesse Jackson recalled the Queen, of souls contributions to, the community, Franklin died, from pancreatic cancer on August sixteenth WBZ news time is twelve oh three.

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