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His Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, who announced today the 14 day isolation period for visitors from anywhere but New England, New York and New Jersey. New York and New Jersey and Connecticut doubled the list of states subject and their two week isolation period. More cities are beginning to mandate masks to Savannah just became the only city in Georgia, where a mask is required. Jacksonville, Florida Just started a mask mandate in social distancing is not possible. City Council President Tommy Missouri is with us now. What was the impetus here is the increase in the power. You and Dad were still pretty low compared to the rest of it, but it picked up a lot over the last week. We need to take every precaution and safety measure that we can of the mandatory mass is important. I think you've seen other cities and Claude have done it already. Ours is in public places. And if you can't be socially distance of six feet, then they definitely need to be wearing those maps. They haven't gotten to the point yet of what kind of penalties on some cities already in Florida already. That's fine. We're tryingto. I asked the public to be socially responsible, Be personal, responsible. And if that doesn't happen, I dare say that we will probably start instituting. Find the Republican National Convention is coming to your city in August. Will this masked men date apply? It was my opinion. It definitely would have thought. 60 days from now, what's going to be the situation if I were still quite frankly, in the first way? At some point we're going to be at that point of no return, and there'll be no excuse, and they're gonna have to talk about what? The government here a lot of damage and that is Tio. Only about 50% in that. And you know, I'm a Democrat. I just I don't want it was like Put it down the convincing coming here. I think from a economic standpoint, but we will help. Our hotel is retail restaurants, Trevor, but it's bigger than that. We're still coffin potential for Protest is not gonna be so people and hopefully that won't happen. And, of course, the virus which is always going on mine and by arguing You could have a chilling effect. So should disorder have been implemented sooner. I think that was a judgement call. I probably would have, you know, I know that You know, we've got you on fourth coming up. We're not. We have great stores coming here. A number of tourists come in here. It's not Miami Be about Fort Lauderdale. Whether or not the mayor is wantinto willing To close the beaches of that point, I think it would have been in a different situation. I don't think it was prudent to do it a month or two ago. I think the resurgent just What happened in the past week. I think that whether we should've done it earlier or not, that was the mayor's call. But I didn't hear any emergency outcries because of the low level. What we're getting them for the severity. And as it has been pretty pretty comparably thinking to the rest of the state. But our time has come and sample of Detective Mitchell. This is the right time to do it. Jacksonville City Council president Tommy Missouri the European Union is going to reopen its borders Wednesday to visitors from 15 countries. The United States is not one of them. A bee sees Maggie ruling is with US from London. No Americans. Welcome, Maggie. I know the list is pretty bad, Aaron. I mean, they have made this 15 countries all over the world in Africa in South America, But the big country out of the list is America. This is such a blow when I was in Paris, and every Parisian in the hospitality industry is begging for Americans to come. So Europeans want American. They need them right now. They need them for the economy. This is not a political decision. It's just based on science. I mean, when you look at the facts and you look at the science the you could not Stiff I letting Americans in. I mean, they're having this discussion. The European Council comes together They're discussing what countries to let in. And the U. S. Is registering in a record number of cases day after day, Maggie you mentioned you were in Paris and as you ran into people do they miss us? They did say that they missed us, and I think what they really mean misses the American dollar. We talked to so many people in the hospitality industry. One hotel owner that we spoke with, said 80% of his guests are Americans. He's a boutique hotel normally has about 19 rooms. The night we talked to him, he had one guest. One guest out of 19. He pretty much, said 2020 of the lost year. We're just opening up to stay in business, but we really need Americans to come back. It was kind of that way across the board, Another tour company we spoke to that gives a lengthy, different language tours around Paris that 90% of their guests are Americans. So she's out of work. Now, When you look at those numbers and without American tourists, there's just there's no way they're going to survive. Or if they want to survive. They have to totally change the way that they function, which means no longer catering to American tourists. So depending on how long this band goes on for a Paris could look a lot different for Americans going forward. Parisians love Americans Right now, A lot of things are catered towards them. Who knows what that's gonna look like? In the future baby sees Maggie Ruli with us from London. As bad as Corona virus is around the world. There is new research coming out of MIT E That suggests it could be even worse. Professor John Stearman joins us, you're suggesting infections and deaths that are far higher than what has been reported. So far. There are more cases than that because there isn't enough testing going on to find them all and there are also Hey, symptomatic cases, people who show no symptoms and therefore are not Good candidates to request were beginning a test. We also find that there's approximately 1.5.

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