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On from our own correspondent after the news how struggling for life's necessities can spill, over into violence in Delhi loud Mahathir her shouts his son Rahul was arguing with a. Neighbor over whose turn it was to draw water the tanker carried a thousand, litas that hundreds of people lived in the slum the shifting identity of. The city that, straddles serious fault lines and frontlines. The Turks say they came to offering to liberate it's people from the white PG and. That they have no problem with the Kurdish civilians but since taken control Turkey has been accused of trying to change the makeup of. The city and a lasting tragedy for Tunisia's youth everyone. Expected the copycat immolations to be a short-term phenomenon but doctors in, China are horrified that more than seven years later. They continue. At the same disturbing a high rate all that plus the complex relationship between Sierra Leone, and China on from our own. Correspondent with me Rebecca kes- be after this book 'Latin Hello Jerry Smith with the BBC news at least ten people have been killed, by an earthquake on the central Indonesian island of Lombok six point four magnitude quake injured. Around forty others and caused significant damage to buildings Steve Jackson has the latest, the shallow earthquake struck early in the morning when many people were asleep. Residents and holidaymakers, run from their homes and hotels. Into the streets to escape falling debris dozens of smaller aftershocks followed emergency officials say they. Fear the number of casualties is likely to rise the quake was also felt on the nearby island of Bali although no significant damage. Has been reported that Lomborg like his neighbor is a. Popular tourist destination rescue workers say their main focus now is evacuated, the injured and looking for more survivors Israel has. Released a. Palestinian teenager had Tamimi who was jailed for eight months after she slapped an Israeli soldier, at her home in the west Bank video of, her hitting the soldier attracted worldwide attention speaking to reporters after. Being freed she said she'd continue to resist the occupation the, BBC's Nita Abraham witnessed her release was an emotional moment parents did not know until the last. Minute when she was going to be released eventually.

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