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And son spring AC tune up for only $49 Traffic and weather together on the 8th we go to Carlos Ramirez now on the traffic center Thanks though a few work zones to start talking about already if you're headed on the Internet with the beltway in Virginia after route 50 on your approach towards 66 you will find that the left side of the roadway is once again taken up a single right lane is getting by a very small volume delay getting past there of course at traffic is just light enough to stay in that far right lane You'll be all right headed past 66 Doesn't seem like anything's close tonight That's good news Once found side of 66 looks like the far left hand side of the roadway is also affected there as you approach the beltway you should have a single right lane getting you by no delays because of that one If you're headed out towards the Gainesville area eastbound side of 66 has the work group letting by that far right lane a slight volume delay petted past that point as well And also in Virginia three 95 southbound they've been out there a few nights in a row here After the 14th street bridge headed towards the crystal city exits you should have the work group Along the right hand side of the roadway go ahead and stay to the fart left in Virginia south side of 95 headed through Fredericksburg Just before the centerport Parkway only a single right lane is getting by there is a work group with some delays building and Maryland things relatively quiet You do have that work crew on the outer loop near Pennsylvania avenue That should have two right lanes getting by right now with no delays Southbound side of I two 95 after the 11th street bridge down towards a suitland Parkway that were crew is only letting you buy a single lane as well A bit of a delay headed through that area watch out for it Northbound looks all right if you're headed up towards route 50 Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Girls thank you Now your storm team four four day forecast Here's NBC four is Brianna Berman solo Partly clear skies becoming mostly cloudy overnight Watch for fog for the Tuesday morning drive for the.

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