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Ever welcome back Paul in Lucerne California you're on the air congressman poking thank you I'd like to talk about bringing back the telecommunication modernization act it seems to me that we had Republicans up there on the committee asking questions just to be played on fox news so they can further their alternative narrative and it's hurting the American people we're in a constitutional crisis you we have one set of facts that are true and we have alternative facts hard to argue with your conservative neighbor when he's getting a completely different set of facts that you're getting the only thing I keep seeing the fix that would be the fairness doctrine yeah Paul I I hear it you're saying and I I do think it goes even broader than that we we never have had quite the twenty four seven news market that we now have and also social media Nevers had the influence that has now in in many of the ways people are getting information quite honestly is coming through things like Facebook where they're getting a feed of things and it doesn't have to even be things that might be affected bye bye more fair media laws but it could be there getting information from blogs and other things that happen to fall in their ideology and I don't think you're ever going to be able to control some of that though the real problem is Donald Trump has done an orchestrated effort even before he got elected to make basically say he is the only one to get the truth as any good despot would do that you should follow the news it's fake news member alternative facts river the other whatever Kelly in town we came up with during her original and the administration the alternative I mean it's just it's what they want you to do is you know that the only place you can actually go is to Donald Trump much like a cult leader and that's the person where you'll get your information and unfortunately I think they've done a very significantly good job on this I read articles in my own state where people ask what they think about on impeachment legal I don't know I hear things from both sides so in in any even don't know what to do because of the false information that's out there in the at the same time that almost plays into the fake news narrative that Donald Trump has falsely put out there so there's a lot that we have to figure out when it comes to that and I think some of it it really falls also in social media and maybe even beyond a little bit of what we can control at least through that one piece of legislation Randy and Iowa Iowa Hey Randy on air with cars and poke good morning German that Mister Polk in in the spending bill that came out of Congress the there's like three hundred they did away with the Obama era tax taxes on medical devices Cadillac plans and stuff like that now what was the purpose of giving those tax cuts three hundred sixty billion dollars which will go on the deficit so was good to have something to do with the Supreme Court ruling that was coming out at the time or anything you could and then like me on carrying the I I think so what happened is generally than any others a tax extenders package because we didn't get our budget done on the fiscal year on September thirtieth because the Senate didn't do anything up to that point everything was all lumped together and yet this is awful for democracy and and I do mean that in a very small be democracy.

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