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Sports Radio Jenna back going up against this big game they're playing. It's called the Super Bowl. You probably heard of it. They've done it 54 times before. This is the 55th. And leading up to this game. All the conversation and shoot guiltiest charge. I'm raising my hand. I think rightfully so was about the quarterback of the two teams here. You've got Tom Brady going for his Seventh all time Super Bowl. No one has even come close to that. There's a reason why we call him the goat. Greatest of all time. And a big part of it has to do with the fact that he is just a stone Cold winner has been his entire career and his big time right now, and he's got the temper Bay Buccaneers ahead 73 with six minutes to go in the second quarter. Truth be told, Brady's been solid, so far, not spectacular, solid. The box, got the ball inside. They're inside the Kansas City for a 40 yard line and advanced it because of a holding call to get one first down, And then the drive stalled out. So their last drive, they moved it down, couldn't punch it in two times within The two yard line came away with no points. This time, they're going to have to settle for a field goal attempt from 40 Yards out. The kick is up and good. So the Tampa Bay Lead is increased, tend three updated flag on the play. Um damn, was lesson five yards of who was if it against Kansas City could if actually give them a first down? Ever doesn't and it will be a decision to make for Bruce Arians. Does he want to take points off the board? It was supposed to be my homes against Brady, and that's what it's all about. It really hasn't been. My homes is actually struggled. Now. Last drive. You got a pass downfield. Kelsey was, uh, pretty wide open and just flat out. Drop the ball. He's uh Absolutely the number one tight end and football here, But he dropped a wide open pass and they've had a couple of drops. Mom has been pressurized a ton. During the game and has had to deliver the football quicker than he wanted to. Damn. The cancer keeps they're going to take an offside call here not for jumping but for lining up offsides on the field goal attempt, and it was third and four, so it gives the bucks and new set of downs. Wow, that was trying to get to my point. I could get inside track by things that are going on during the game. The biggest aspect of this game so far is Brady throws, not his first. His second touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski, who goes with the second big spike of the game is a plague on this place now, though, too That's been the issue with this game. The Kansas City keeps on the penalty against case so it doesn't matter. They decline. Touchdown. Tampa So they're gonna go up 14 3. Kansas City has taken penalty after penalty after penalty most of them on the defense so far, but that's just that that's on the individual player who certainly committee act and has the flag thrown against him, but That preparation. That's the ability to do what you're told to stay in the moment to not do something that is going to cost your team a massive amount of yards. Chris Jones. They're D. T on one play, where he got some pressure on the quarterback, the center After Brady had gotten rid of the football kind of got under Jones's shoulder pads and game a late, unnecessary shot. Which the referee didn't see. So of course, he responds and goes into the face up against the face mask with his hand off the Tampa center that one the referee does see unnecessary roughness. 15 yards, big time penalty. Uh, the can city keeps are not playing like a team that's already been there and done that been to a Super Bowl and found a way to win the Super Bowl last year. They look like the team that is playing, uh, kind of nervous kind of shaky kind of scared even a little bit. Any other aspect of the game That's coming up small for the teeth. So far has been special teams. Their punter, strong leg did young kid has had some mediocre punts. So far, he finally got off one really good punt, and, of course, it gets called back on a penalty, so he's gotta punt it again. His neck and oh, by the way, drop the punted. He boomed for 60 some odd yards. He picked it up and just flat out boom did next when he catches any shanks for 29 yarder, which gives the Bucks as I said the ball inside the 40 yard line in Kansas City due to a penalty, which extends a drive. They had already stopped him on, third down out for four down. Bill. Go kid comes on makes the 40 Yard field goal. Nope. Flag on the play lined up offsides. That's just lack of discipline. That is on any readings coaching staff who I thought if there was an edge to the coaching staff, every single guy bet on last week this week leading up to today's big game. I've asked Is there a coaching edge in this game? Because I'm a Bruce Arians fan. I've always been a Bruce Arian fan all the way back to his temple days. He spent time in Philly that scores points with May. I think he's a straight shooter. I think he's a funny guy. I like Bruce Arians always have always will. I'm a bigger Andy Reid fan. I covered Andy Reid longer than I covered Bruce Arians and I've interviewed both and got to know Boat the least wave and say hi. And I appreciate both guys purely on what they've achieved what they've done to at their coaching career main thing being last year's championship win for Mr Reed Co treed Gave the edge in coaching in this game to the Keys because of Andy Reid. And I'm not going to say that Bruce Arians out. Coached him. Sometimes you have a game. Where Ah, guy makes all the right moves. All right, calls throws in a guy. You're not expecting a play. You're not expecting to go out. One coach out coach the other Not often do you after you've seen and we're not even tap time of this game, but seen enough of the game to say. Man. One guy's team looks prepared, and the others doesn't Andy Reid's team is playing like They've never seen a game of this magnitude before which they have just last year and walked away with a win, which remember they were trailing last year against San Francisco. Um this is a pity pretty big drive coming up kick up goes out of the end zone, So it's touch back, so it's come down to 25 yard line..

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