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Yeah the morning we hear you. I'm I'm taking San Diego. It's all good morning breaking rigging up you there Kevin you bring up just a bit. We're GONNA come right back to even going out to take think tank calling in from tank amount Zulu in the house was going on. I don't remember the colorful Missouri. Man I I've been a long time caller but I've been back. I've been away for a minute but I'll salute once again to your brother doing wonderful job. You and Mike Free Shipping content a man. Let me ask questions. Are we ready to forgive big baby Miller and the reason I'm saying that because because you guys mentioned in a lot of fighters and in particular ruis making a comeback why are we not talking about Big Baby Miller we've forgiven everybody. We forgiven Dylan. Why we give it all to let all of them that had had drug issues situations while? That's not true though we mentioned big baby and we did a show one big baby when he was rumored to become back. The problem is he hasn't sought with anybody yet. It was a roommate he was going to be with top rank that didn't happen. He's he's done videos putting his shoulder on on In his head on Eddie. HEARN's show the trying to go back we. We don't know where he's coming back to can't be offering or talking about hypothetical authentic allies would do. It hasn't been signed yet. No one's touched them after that. And then you've got to remember it's not you know I mean his case media you. Can we kick them in the conversation in the reason I'm saying I would love. I WanNa find time beating him. I want him to fight while the him and dealing away on the same level they. They've talked enough that those fights needs to be seen He. I honestly believe big baby is better than telling white to behinds without now. We don't know how you perform without the drugs but what we see from dealing why why why wouldn't really white fight big baby. Listen Man That is your time. But I'll tell you tank commanders Hulu if big baby could come back and somehow still look the way he used to look. Yeah I'm picking the beat dealing in white like I always used to pick them to beat dealing white like I had the baby so high I thought if AJ could knock him mouth he was GonNa Stop Aj because of activity but then everything that we loved about big babies in question because of the positive drug tests. We're going to Colorado stone bone by good.

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