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That's if that's all we need right now from the back line so once these two guys could do it with a hole about making do it will be easy so yes I love the lack of communication that sometime because the thought of the mistake I made no mistake they meet the goals on we heard us up because of that right and it's funny when you talk about communication it's such a and and it's so important in every sport but sometimes it's light it seems like such a simple thing to do but it's just in the middle of the game you're thinking about what your assignments are you're you're in it and it you know not all guys are just natural communicators it doesn't mean that they're you know that's necessarily a knock on them but that's one thing to your credits that you are a very good communicator so I that would be good to get back out there into that so congratulations on getting it this far and like I said can't wait to see you back out there Matt lets that turn to you because you're one of the newer members of the the switchbacks and dumb I years just starting this professional soccer journey so I tell me a little bit about your your background in and out when did you start playing soccer no I grew up here in Colorado I started playing when I was about five and so like a star just on the playground then it grew to get more competitive once I turn like eleven and then I went realgm all around so I was like my first real like competitive club now playing the academy there and then I went to residency with the national team my junior year so I spent a year in Florida I am G. with the seventeens and then I came back and I went on over to the rapids and then that's when I was in the academy there and then went to UCLA for that quarter and then here from there yeah what high school did you go to their in Littleton of I one I went to to solve the heritage and then I went to wrap of okay very cool so I the one thing is and I and I'm sure if George Schweitzer were here he would echo the same sentiments was a Colorado kids going to UCLA for when it like you the did you get recruited by the U. unfortunately I mean see you how good is the C. U. soccer they only have a one yeah I was just gonna say so I guess it would really Air Force but obviously there's a different set of circumstances with that and then you have to use so I guess your your options unfortunately hearing Kerr our little bit limited but why UCLA well that was just like a dream school for me because I've been in LA and like California I love that area and then one of the head coach is when I was a residency at the national teams on secures he to the head coach at UCLA that was able to get like incredible offer opportunity there so I just I just took it now and it usually always a great school and celebrities don't try to get their kids I mean UCLA kids leverage try to get their kids in there but they don't do a buy out lying like that other school right so I I you we always the UCLA obviously think of it you see a U. S. C. as well did you get the is there a rivalry there on in soccer when it comes to those two schools are not really not really I mean I'm not even sure if yes he is a men's program Yanis but I know there was one between the the women's soccer team they played in StubHub en LA all right CLA verses USC in like crazy crowd there but there's a rivalry there but not really with men's soccer now so who's there you see LA as Sanford okay well aid that was gonna be my second guess was a Stanford so those are some pretty good the epic battle certainly the to UCLA Stanford you add yes I am unbelievable I season adds a UCLA did you even baby exceed your expectations a little bit because you hit the ground running man in the end you crested at thank you I appreciate that but like I feel like I even could have done more as far as really yeah quite a bit opportunities and so just put in those away but the fact that I was able to lead the team in points and like that it was awesome and just being given the opportunity as a freshman to prove myself and being able to do that was awesome any man I'm talking with Matt Huntley of the switch back here on the switch backs football show I'm being in the academy and everything for the rapids you had to know that there was a decent chance that you would be signed by the rapids but when you sign that homegrown contract what was that day like it was exhilarating I mean I really wanted to do in my home town because growing up here is just awesome I love Colorado and so the fact that I was able to do it like as early as I was there two and to have this opportunity like this is such an amazing day for my family for everyone I even had like my first hosiery outcome and so this is an awesome experience we were talking at early earlier out back in the three o'clock hour had one of the co chairs of the Denver twenty twenty six of course the World Cup is coming to North America that year endeavors trying to vie for one of those in one thing that we were discussing which just kind of this state of soccer in this state of Colorado we mentioned at the collegiate level maybe I the school boulder in fort Collins can step up their game a little bit but overall you look at the economies are you look at professional soccer with the rapids in the switch backs you're still young guy bridges in your albeit brief soccer career in Colorado how much has this sport grown and how good is the soccer here in Colorado yeah I mean it's grown quite a bit from when I was just like a little kid playing for.

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